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Modernized Telecom Policy Must Reflect That Change Is the Only Constant | Commentary

Eighteen years ago this month, when Congress last updated the regulation of telecommunications, it was both right on time and too soon.

A One-Size-Fits-All Corporate Tax System Hurts the Economy | Commentary

President Barack Obama told the American people during the State of the Union that a revised corporate tax code would make the decision easier for more companies to add jobs. But what the administration and many in Congress do not understand is that not all American manufacturers looks alike. Taking a one-size-fits-all approach to taxing corporate America will leave many industries spending more in taxes and less in salaries.

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Business Bid to Counter Tea Party Fizzles

Business-friendly GOP organizers who launched a new crop of super PACs to counter the tea party have failed to cash in, recent campaign disclosures show, leaving them badly outraised on both the right and the left.

Security Secrets Create Hurdles for Lawmakers

While lawmakers this week were looking to get to the bottom of the recent data breaches at Target and Neiman Marcus and possibly craft legislation to respond to those attacks, they were faced with a stark reality from the investigations: They and the public wonít be getting solid answers anytime soon.

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Retailers Push Back on Proposed Banking Legislation Following Massive Data Security Breaches

Retailers including Target and Neiman Marcus made the rounds on Capitol Hill this week, testifying at three daysí worth of hearings with the dual mission of apologizing for recent large-scale data breaches and discouraging any new regulatory legislation.

Don't Forget Main Street America When Considering Reforms | Commentary

As my former Senate and House colleagues consider making long-overdue reforms to our nationís outdated tax code, I urge them to think like a small-business owner and be mindful of how the proposed changes will ultimately affect Main Street America.

Bernanke Heads to Brookings' New Economic Center

When ex-Federal Reserve chairman Ben S. Bernanke told reporters in December he planned to stay in Washington ďfor a bit of time,Ē he was giving credible forward guidance about his next career move.

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Why I Put My Political Career on 'Operational Pause' | Commentary

I love serving in the U.S. House of Representatives, and I have especially enjoyed my time on the Ways and Means Committee. Serving the people of Arkansasí 2nd District is the honor of a lifetime, and Iím grateful for the opportunity I have been given by my fellow Arkansans.

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Fighting Over the Health Care Law by the Hours

A tough partisan fight is developing over how best to meet the needs of part-time workers in light of the 30-hour workweek threshold for employer-mandated health care.

Liberal Democrats Seek to Extend Benefits Mandates

Liberal Democrats are looking to beef up benefits for part-time workers who face hurdles in finding full-time gigs in a sluggish economy.

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Funeral Services for Ex-Rep. George Wortley Scheduled

Funeral services for ex-Rep. George Wortley, R-N.Y., will be held Feb. 2 and 3 in Bethesda, Md., followed by a burial in Congressional Cemetery on Capitol Hill.

Stating What Our Union Needs | Commentary

On Tuesday, President Obama will take the podium for the State of the Union address and lay out his legislative vision for 2014. An hour or so later, Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers of Washington will respond on behalf of the Republican Party. In our previous lives as the Democratic governor of Virginia and the Republican governor of New Jersey, we have had the honor of delivering that response in 1986 and 1995, respectively.

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Capitol Police See SOTU Security as Their Chance to Shine

For the nearly 1,800 sworn officers of the Capitol Police force, the day of the State of the Union address marks one of the most thrilling and memorable times of the year.

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How Second-Term Presidents Scratch the 6-Year Itch

Second-term presidents delivering their sixth State of the Union addresses take a variety of approaches: wonkiness, bragging about their accomplishments, distancing themselves from scandals, joking at their own expenses and/or commemorating American heroes.

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Loskarn's Suicide Devastates Capitol Hill Community

His Dec. 11 arrest came as a shock, and subsequent details of child pornography charges brought against well-known congressional staffer Jesse Ryan Loskarn provoked disgust and astonishment from Capitol Hill.

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Dome Renovations to Close Rotunda for 2-Plus Weeks in April

The first signs of construction in the almost $60 million Capitol Dome restoration project will appear in the Rotunda in late March, Architect of the Capitol Stephen T. Ayers announced Friday.

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Members Get Personal on Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest

While itís common for members of Congress to post talking points on Twitter and videos of their floor speeches on YouTube, such social-media sites are quickly becoming just another cog in the political spin machine. But members are posting more personal touches ó what they had for dinner, their dogs at play and other mainstays of the social-media diet ó on platforms such as Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest.

The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth | Commentary

Rep. Charles B. Rangel, D-N.Y., recently delivered a striking rebuke of Americaís energy industry (Commentary: We Ainít Broke, Nov. 22, 2013). But his criticism provided a distorted picture of this vitally important sector of the economy.

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Senate Democrats Aim to Shift Politics of Climate Change

Senate Democrats launched a new effort Tuesday to reclaim the political initiative in the climate change debate and create a sense of urgency about mitigating the causes of the planetís warming atmosphere.

How Congress Can Combat Staff Brain Drain | Commentary

Congress has undergone significant changes to its operations in the past three years. To demonstrate its frugality during difficult economic times, Congress cut its own office budgets by up to 20 percent (much more than any federal agency). Most offices have implemented salary freezes, eliminated bonuses and downsized staff. Additionally, Congress shifted nearly all personal office staff from the health care plans used by other federal employees (and committee staff) to the Washington, D.C., small-business health care exchange.




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