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Forest Products Week: Opportunity for Progress | Commentary

This week is National Forest Products Week, a good time to recognize the employees and industries who manufacture and distribute forest products. As forest fires raged across the West this summer, devastating communities and destroying homes, national attention was brought to the importance of fire preparedness, as well as fire prevention forest management. The forest products industry plays a role in this area.

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K Street Lobbyists Still Love Marco Rubio

K Street has largely turned a cold shoulder to the 15 Republicans and five Democrats dominating the presidential contest, as lobbyist bundlers take a back seat to both low-dollar contributors and mega-donors bankrolling outside groups.

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Money Flowed to McCarthy as Speaker-in-Waiting

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy received a windfall of six-figure checks from CEOs, Wall Street investors and other high-dollar GOP donors during the short window when he was the front-runner to be the next House speaker. 

Wanted: House Speaker Willing to Compromise, Poll Says

Even though conservative rebels within the GOP conference want a staunch conservative to replace Speaker John A. Boehner, most Americans say they’d prefer a new House leader who is willing to compromise, a new Economist/YouGov poll found.

Why Coming Out Still Matters: Gay Staffer Reflects on 10 Years of Changes | Commentary

“Mom, I’m gay.”

Ryan's Fundraising Adds to Speaker Pressure

Ways and Means Chairman Paul D. Ryan’s stature as a GOP rainmaker is one reason so many of his colleagues want him to run for House speaker, now that California’s Kevin McCarthy has dropped out.

Speaker Fight Widens K Street, Tea Party Rift

California Republican Kevin McCarthy’s decision to drop out of the race to replace Ohio’s John A. Boehner as speaker intensifies the ideological warfare between pro-business Republicans on K Street and tea party activists.

Few Precedents for a Prolonged Speaker Battle

The Constitution is terse about the election of a new speaker: “The House of Representatives shall choose their Speaker and other Officers . . . .”

Too Much of a Good Thing? That's Crude Economics | Commentary

The shale revolution of the past decade has fueled the bulk of our continued, albeit anemic, economic recovery and has sparked a resurgence in a number of industries, including manufacturing. The increased supply has pushed us to consider the proverbial dilemma: Is it possible to have too much of a good thing? The good thing we have is an abundance of oil and gas. Drilling techniques, new technologies, expanded resource recovery and new resource discoveries have yielded unprecedented productivity among domestic drillers. Today, the United States is the world’s top petroleum producer, bigger than either Saudi Arabia or Russia.

Craig's Attorney Cites Roll Call Report in Appeals Court Case

A leak to Roll Call about Sen. Larry E. Craig's 2007 guilty plea in a Minnesota airport bathroom sex sting should allow him to spend $197,533 in campaign funds on the legal fees to try to undo the plea, the former Idaho senator’s attorney argued in court Wednesday.

Labor Department Urged to Heed Constructive Ideas to Fix Fiduciary Proposal | Commentary

Is President Barack Obama’s administration serious about considering feedback in response to its proposed regulation to change the way Americans, especially low- and moderate-income Americans, are informed and educated about retirement planning?

The Volkswagen Emissions Scandal and the EPA | Commentary

In a monumental admission of automotive fraud, Volkswagen’s Chief Executive Martin Winterkorn resigned on Sept. 30 amid revelations that millions of VWs were built to cheat on clean air tests.

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Boehner's Departure a Good Thing, Poll Finds

More than four in 10 Americans, or 43 percent, think it’s a good thing that Speaker John A. Boehner will give up his gavel and retire from Congress later this month, a new poll from The Economist Group/You Gov finds.

The Underutilized Power of Storytelling in Congress | Commentary

Despite my deep admiration for members of Congress and staff for their dedication, hard work and sense of public service, I am continually amazed that many of them are lousy communicators. Oh, they make grand campaign commercials for the elections and wow their audiences with marvelous stump speeches. Then they seem to turn in those winning strategies when they come to Congress and exchange them for talking points, spreadsheets and charts as their tools of choice in the democratic dialogue

Banking Industry Seeks Dodd-Frank Rollbacks In the Form of Year-End Policy Riders

The banking industry believes it can win more rollbacks of the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial overhaul by having them ride on year-end legislation, a move that will only make politically difficult year-end negotiations that much more treacherous for congressional leaders.

McCarthy Raises Campaign Cash, But He's No Boehner

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy is one of the strongest campaign fundraisers in his conference, but he still can't hold a candle to outgoing Speaker John A. Boehner, say Republicans mulling McCarthy as Boehner's successor.

Outside Influences Seek to Sway House GOP Leadership Races

Conservative activists are mobilizing to sway the House GOP leadership contests, as K Street lobbyists say they are quietly offering their own counsel and behind-the-scenes help to favored contenders.

Prioritize Research in the National Interest | Letter to the Editor

In a recent article, “Obama’s Mind Control Plan,” (CQ Weekly, Sept. 21) the president’s science adviser, Dr. John Holdren, criticized members of Congress who want to restore the natural and physical sciences as priorities for federally supported basic scientific research.

Volkswagen Emissions Scandal Is a Noxious Problem for Congress, Industry and Regulators

An examination into whether Volkswagen misled consumers when it dodged emissions standards could provide Republicans and Democrats in Congress another chance to unite in criticism of automakers evading regulations.

House GOP Civil War Takes to the Airwaves

Just two days after House Speaker John A. Boehner stunned Washington by announcing he will leave Congress next month, two top members of his House Republican conference traded barbs in a remarkably public display of internal dissent on a Sunday network news show.




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