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Congress Must Fix our Maritime Double Standard | Commentary

Earlier this month, five Chinese naval warships entered U.S. territorial waters off the coast of Alaska. In acknowledging the transit of these vessels, the United States made clear we viewed this action as well within the rights of China — and any other nation — to conduct innocent passage through the legitimately established territorial seas and nonthreatening military activities within the exclusive economic zone of another country.

House GOP Civil War Takes to the Airwaves

Just two days after House Speaker John A. Boehner stunned Washington by announcing he will leave Congress next month, two top members of his House Republican conference traded barbs in a remarkably public display of internal dissent on a Sunday network news show.

McCarthy Profile: Genial Party Loyalist Rose Quickly

Speaker John A. Boehner's resignation at the end of October makes his top deputy, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California, the likeliest candidate to inherit the gavel. Boehner even offered his unqualified endorsement, saying the five-term lawmaker would be an "excellent" speaker.

Iran Deal's Premise Is Wrong — They Likely Have a Bomb | Commentary

President Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran is not just a bad deal. It is the worst deal possible — because there is a good chance Iran already has a bomb.

Rubio, Cruz Call for New Leadership Direction As Boehner Quits

Sen. Marco Rubio received boisterous applause and a standing ovation Friday when he informed a crowd at the Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C., that Speaker John A. Boehner, R-Ohio, will resign later this year. 

Boehner Quits; McCarthy Seen as Successor

Speaker John A. Boehner told fellow Republicans Friday morning he will resign from Congress and give up his House seat at the end of October, according to members.

Path Toward 'Clean' Spending Stopgap Bill Emerges

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Thursday began laying the groundwork for the chamber to advance a “clean” continuing resolution in the coming days after Democrats and some Republicans banded together to block consideration of a stopgap with Planned Parenthood defunding language.

Pope Re-Introduces Americans to Dorothy Day

In his address to Congress, one of the four Americans Pope Francis chose as inspirational figures was a woman whom even many American Catholics today may not know.

Pope Will Find a Receptive Congress on Refugee Issue

Pope Francis will find a fairly receptive audience if, as expected, he devotes part of his Thursday address to Congress to urge the United States to do more to alleviate the Syrian refugee crisis.

Poll: Pope Francis Unlikely to Spur Climate Legislation

Americans largely regard Pope Francis as influential in world affairs, but few respondents in a new poll believe his speech to Congress this week will inspire lawmakers to move bills on climate change and immigration.

Exclusive: Obama's Gitmo Closure Plan Won't Recommend U.S. Site

The Obama administration will bypass the difficult political decision of selecting a single alternative U.S. site for the Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, detention facility when it sends Congress its much-anticipated plan for shuttering the controversial prison.

Exclusive: Pentagon No. 2 Warns of CR's 'Disastrous' Impact

The Pentagon is counting on Congress averting a painful government shutdown when the calendar turns to the new fiscal year on Oct. 1, but the Defense Department’s No. 2 civilian is not ruling out the possibility of a "disastrous" year-long continuing resolution to fund the military.

Vatican Eschews K Street But Has Ear of Congress

Pope Francis' arrival in the nation’s capital next week will spark plenty of lobbying, but the Holy See itself hasn’t converted to the rituals of K Street.

Survey Finds Widening Partisan Divide on Israel and Iran

Democrats and Republicans are sharply at odds on an array of foreign policy issues including Israel’s role in the Middle East and the Iran nuclear deal, according to a Chicago Council on Global Affairs poll released Tuesday.

Jesuit Ties to Pope Francis Provide Rep. Vargas With Insight

When Rep. Juan C. Vargas attends Pope Francis’ address to Congress next week, it won’t be his first time in the pontiff’s presence.

CIA Director: Russia Stepping Up Aid to Syria as Assad Slips

Russia is stepping up its assistance to the embattled Syrian government in what appears to be an effort to boost President Bashar Assad’s beleaguered forces and to address the rise of Islamic extremist groups, the director of the CIA said Thursday.

Risks Are Too Great Not to Endorse Iran Deal | Commentary

Nine of our former congressional colleagues joined us last week in announcing our support for the international weapons agreement between the P5+1 nations and Iran. In a full-page ad in The New York Times, we wrote that the joint comprehensive plan of action halts the immediate threat of a nuclear-armed Iran. Rejecting the deal is unlikely to lead to stronger restrictions on the Iranian nuclear program, but would instead leave Iran within two to three months of developing a nuclear weapon.

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Senate Foreign Aid Bill Would Slash Refugee Aid

U.S funding for refugees could be cut by hundreds of millions of dollars next year under the Senate’s proposed spending plan even as a global humanitarian crisis, spurred by the exodus of millions of people from their homes in Afghanistan, Iraq, and especially Syria, grows steadily worse.

11 Senators to Watch in Iran Debate

CQ Roll Call took a look at how each of the 11 undecided senators may come out on the Iran nuclear deal and whether the agreement should be filibustered. The assessment is based on the senators' legislative histories, statements, re-election prospects and constituent concerns.

Iran Filibuster Vote Too Close to Call

The White House looks certain to be able to sustain a veto of any resolution of disapproval that Congress sends President Barack Obama. But it's quite possible no such legislation reaches his desk. 




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