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Defense & Foreign Policy Archive

White House Won't Call New Syria Operations 'Combat'

A White House briefing Friday turned into a debate about the definition of combat, and Press Secretary Josh Earnest criticized Congress for taking too many days off while also opting against legally authorizing operations against the Islamic State group, known as ISIS or ISIL.

Senate Sends Budget Deal to Obama's Desk (Video)

Updated 5:22 a.m., Oct. 30 | The Senate sent to President Barack Obama a massive fiscal package early Friday morning that averts a U.S. debt default and raises spending caps.

EU Forces U.S. to Find New Surveillance-Privacy Balance

The European Court of Justice’s invalidation of a European Union-U.S. data protection agreement this month sent shock waves through U.S. businesses and caused Congress and President Barack Obama’s administration to scramble for a solution.

Defense Hawks Fine With Boost in War Account

Top Senate defense hawks are satisfied with the increased Pentagon spending in the new budget deal, and several Democrats doubt that section will mean trouble for the sweeping package.

GOP Senators Concerned by 'Gimmicks' in Budget Deal

Senate Republican leaders have more work to do to sell their members on a two-year budget deal unveiled late Monday night.

Democrats Urge Obama to Address Needs of Rape Survivors in War Zones

Democrats are increasingly clamoring for President Barack Obama to use his authority to reinterpret a foreign aid law to allow for U.S. funds to be used to provide abortions to women who have been raped in conflict zones.

Obama, Ryan Must Find Common Ground Soon

There could be little President Barack Obama can do to find common ground with Paul D. Ryan, given their deep ideological differences and House conservatives’ inevitable demands for the speaker-in-waiting.

Congress Should Pressure States, Not DHS, on REAL ID | Commentary

The Department of Homeland Security recently announced which states would be granted an extension to comply with the REAL ID Act, a 2005 antiterrorism law aimed at improving the security of driver’s licenses.

Official Claims 'No Elevated Risk' To F-35 Pilots, Despite Evidence to Contrary

Pilots now flying the F-35 fighter jet are not at any unusual risk due to an unsafe ejection seat, the program’s director told a House panel Wednesday, even though an internal Pentagon document he signed appears to contradict that statement.

Lawmakers Must Do More to Respond to Refugee Crisis, State Department Says

Congress has the responsibility to increase funding for a refugee resettlement program, a senior State Department official said this week, rejecting criticism from humanitarian groups that the Obama administration has not acted swiftly enough to admit more Syrian refugees into the country.

Official Confirms 'Serious' Risk to Wide Swath of F-35 Pilots

Most F-35 pilots who have to eject during take-off or landing while wearing the latest helmet face a “serious” danger of major injury or death, a senior Air Force official said in a written response to a CQ query.

Ejection Injuries Generally Not Caused by Seats

As long as you are only flying at about half the speed of sound, an ejection from a U.S. military fighter jet probably won’t kill you—or even hurt much.

Debt Limit, Highways Wait as Republicans Tackle Sanctuary Cities

Senators return to Washington this week facing a crush of must-pass legislation, but before the chamber can get to the debt limit or highway funding, Republicans want to express outrage over “sanctuary cities.”

EXCLUSIVE: F-35 Ejection Seats Could Endanger Many Pilots

Nearly 1 in 3 pilots who will fly the F-35, the military's $159 million fighter jet of the future, runs a heightened risk of fatal whiplash during an emergency ejection, according to defense officials and internal documents obtained by CQ.

Obama to Keep Troops, Bases in Afghanistan (Video)

Updated 12:21 p.m. | The next president of the United States will inherit a substantial military presence in Afghanistan.

Saudi-U.S. Relationship Is Indispensable for American Interests | Commentary

With growing turmoil in the Middle East, including Russian involvement in Syria, the United States needs to reinvigorate its longest-standing relationship in the region: our partnership with Saudi Arabia.

Senate Clears NDAA with Veto-Proof Majority

Annual defense policy legislation was cleared by the Senate Wednesday and is headed to the White House by a veto-proof majority, though Democratic leaders have vowed to sustain the president's objection.

Reid Vows to Uphold Veto as Senate Cuts Off NDAA Debate

Annual defense policy legislation could be headed to the White House as soon as Wednesday after the Senate voted to cut off debate on the measure, even as the chamber's top Democrat pledged his caucus would vote to sustain a promised presidential veto.

Pentagon Warning on Consolidating Corporate Power May be Too Late

A Pentagon warning last week about excessive consolidation in the defense industry comes ahead of a multibillion-dollar contract award for a new bomber that, depending on who wins, could make the problem worse, some analysts say.

The U.S. Should Do More to Help the Yazidis | Commentary

Dozens of articles and reports have been published detailing the unimaginable abuse of Yazidi women and girls by the Islamic State terror group, also known as ISIS. Summarizing these atrocities with the attention they deserve — explaining the depths of the barbarity and brutality these people have faced — would require pages upon pages.




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