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Political Neophyte Enters Race Against Steve Knight

Attorney Bryan Caforio Thursday declared his intention to put California Republican Steve Knight out of a job.

Cruz Strikes Back on Rubio's Patriot Act Attacks

Facing accusations from Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida that he’s supported weakening surveillance powers, presidential rival and Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas hit back against his rival on Thursday.

Watch Live: House Hearing on U.S. Visa Waiver Program

The House Oversight and Government Reform Subcommittee on National Security holds a hearing on terrorism and vulnerabilities in the Visa Waiver Program, which comes in the wake of the Dec. 2 San Bernardino, Calif., mass shooting.

Watch Live: Senate Hearing on U.S. ISIS Strategy

The Senate Armed Services Committee holds a hearing on the U.S. strategy to combat the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, which follows a prime-time address earlier in the week by President Barack Obama reasserting the administration’s plan to defeat the terrorist group.

Mikulski: 'Poison Pill' Riders, Taxes Drag Down Omnibus Talks

The top Senate Democratic appropriator said Tuesday more than three dozen policy riders and a package of tax extenders continue to trip up omnibus negotiations that could stretch into the weekend.

Which Terror List Are Democrats Tying to Gun Control, Exactly?

The White House and congressional Democrats are referring to two very different lists of potential terrorists interchangeably in their push for stricter gun laws, further complicating a politically white-hot issue.

Reid Calls for 'ISIS Czar' After Obama Address

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., unveiled a litany of Democratic proposals to combat the Islamic State Monday, following President Barack Obama’s address to the country Sunday night.

New Yorkers Look to Avoid More 9/11 'Collateral Damage'

“I wake up at 3 o’clock in the morning,” Rep. Peter T. King said, worrying that Congress is turning its back on 9/11 first responders. The Long Island Republicans added his biggest fear is that those exposed to Ground Zero’s horrors will be “collateral damage” because the expired Zadroga Act that funds their health care needs won’t find a way onto any of the year-end tax or spending bills.

Obama: 'New Phase' of Terror, a 'Cancer That Has No Immediate Cure'

Speaking from the Oval Office for just the third time in his presidency on Sunday evening, President Barack Obama said the war on terror has entered a “new phase,” but promised that the West “will overcome” the threat from groups like the Islamic State.

Changes to Gun Laws Appear to Be Beyond Obama's Reach

Despite his pleas that changes could help prevent mass shootings like the one that killed 14 on Wednesday in San Bernardino, Calif., President Barack Obama seems resigned that he’s mostly powerless to overhaul the country’s gun laws.

Gitmo Closure Cost Emerges as Sticking Point

Several of President Barack Obama’s leading GOP critics on Wednesday seized on reports that Pentagon officials believe replacing the prison at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, with one in the United States could cost more than half a billion dollars.

Judiciary Chairman Puts Gun Onus on Executive Branch

The member of Congress leading oversight over the Justice and Homeland Security departments, as well as terrorism and crime, said Thursday it was up to the Executive Branch, not Congress, to make sure guns didn’t get into the wrong hands.

Bitterness Lingers as Omnibus Talks Stumble Over Policy Riders

Senior appropriators attempted to pick up the pieces Thursday after a messy 36 hours laid bare just how far apart the parties remain on the fiscal 2016 omnibus.

Graham: Fight ISIS to Prevent More San Bernardino Shootings

Sen. Lindsey Graham says the way to prevent more mass shootings like the one in San Bernardino, Calif., on Wednesday is to “make ISIL the losers they are.”

Access to Guns 'Too Easy,' Obama Says

President Barack Obama said federal investigators have yet to determine the motives of two suspected shooters who killed 14 people in San Bernardino, Calif., on Wednesday, but he signaled it could have been driven by dual motives.

Omnibus Spat Spills Into View as Democrats Ready Counteroffer

House Democrats on Wednesday were preparing a counteroffer after they formally rejected Republicans' opening proposal on the largest outstanding policy and funding sticking points in the fiscal 2016 omnibus spending bill.

CQ Roll Call Survey Finds Little Shutdown Fear Among Hill Staff

The budget brinksmanship is over. At least so say big majorities of both Democratic and Republican congressional aides surveyed in late November by CQ Roll Call.

In Paris, Obama Says Climate Change 'Akin' to ISIS Threat

Updated 1:41 p.m. | The ramifications of a changing global climate will rival those of Islamic State attacks like the one last month in Paris, President Barack Obama said Tuesday.

Watch Live: House Hearing on U.S. Middle East Strategy

Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter and Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr., chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, will testify at a House Armed Services Committee hearing on U.S. strategy in Iraq and Syria.

Kirk Hits Duckworth Over Syrian Refugees

Incumbent Republican Sen. Mark S. Kirk Tuesday is releasing an ad challenging Illinois Democrat Tammy Duckworth’s commitment to welcoming Syrian refugees into the country without additional government screening.




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