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Budget Archive

Appropriators Set Brisk Pace for Bill Passage

The next three months are crunch time for appropriators hoping to pass as many of the 12 annual spending bills as possible before the August recess.

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Appropriators Still Hold Power Despite Austerity

Appropriators may not wield the clout they once did, but when it comes to lobbying for federal dollars, they’re still a top ticket in town.

Unemployment Extension Deal May Hinge on Job Training Compromise

A potential agreement on a long-stalled House GOP proposal to streamline federal job training programs is emerging as a possible linchpin for a deal on a five-month extension of expired unemployment benefits.

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GOP Considers Advancing Unemployment Extension With Jobs, Tax Provisions

House Rules Chairman Pete Sessions of Texas and other senior Republicans are pushing proposals to tie the extension of emergency unemployment insurance to jobs measures and the extension of some tax breaks in an attempt to bring the plan to the House floor.

Defense Hawks May Look to Boost Competition in Air Force Satellite Launches

The Air Force’s space program is facing tough scrutiny on Capitol Hill as influential lawmakers in both parties publicly question the service’s commitment to competition in the increasingly lucrative area of satellite launches.

Russian Engine Used in Atlas V Rocket Under Scrutiny

The Pentagon has launched a review to determine whether using a Russian-built rocket engine to launch military satellites has any national security implications, following Russia’s seizure and annexation of Crimea.

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Transit Advocates Won't be Caught Napping as Highway Bill Advances

Public transit advocates were blindsided when House Republicans introduced a five-year highway bill two years ago that proposed eliminating the Highway Trust Fund’s transit account.

Some House Republicans Press for Vote on Unemployment Extension

The bipartisan five-month unemployment insurance extension pending in the Senate appears to be driving a wedge between segments of the House Republican Conference.

Why Budget Politics Matter | Commentary

Early this month, President Barack Obama released his fiscal 2015 budget blueprint — a document that would look familiar to anyone who has reviewed the budgets of preceding years. The document — and the administration — takes the position that we need to address and resolve the challenges of our tax code. What are needed now are substantive steps to make tax reform a reality. Political talking points need to be transformed into meaningful reforms.

Legislative Branch Bill Keeps House Spending in Check

House appropriations unveiled a Legislative Branch spending bill Wednesday that aims to show the chamber’s commitment to austerity by not providing any increase over current funding.

Final Photo Op For Scaffold-Free Dome

The last chance for “scaffold-free” photos and video of the Capitol is approaching, the Architect of the Capitol reports.

Defense Spending Remains Under Debate

The spending level for defense in the coming year is all but locked in, but that does not mean attempts to increase the Pentagon’s budget are dead.

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Ryan Budget Will Get Still More Conservative

The House budget resolution that has served as a manifesto of Republican Party principles in the past three years is about to get still more conservative.

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House Budget Priority: Energizing Election-Year Base

Some lawmakers and experts dispute the notion that a new budget resolution laden with conservative policies would be a drag on GOP electoral prospects, arguing it may help Republicans energize their base amid the typical low turnout of midterm elections.

Department of Labor Will Examine Pay Threshold, Management Exemption for Overtime

It will likely be months before the Obama administration details the specific changes it plans for overtime rules, but officials are looking at making two significant shifts.

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Electoral Waiting Game May Tempt GOP Appropriators

Poised to make gains in the November elections, Senate Republicans may have little incentive to cooperate on spending bills once they reach the floor. That’s because they may get a better deal in the lame duck, which could raise the likelihood for a continuing resolution to start fiscal 2015.

Logistics of Afghan Drawdown Prove Challenging

The United States military is making steady progress in the removal of people and equipment from landlocked Afghanistan, according to military officials who say the delay in a final decision about the U.S. presence after 2014 should not prevent a full-scale withdrawal, if that becomes necessary.

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Delay in Afghan Pact Roils War Plan, Defense Budget

The bilateral security agreement between the United States and Afghanistan has still not been signed, sealed and delivered, creating budget uncertainty and potentially significant logistical problems, according to military and congressional leaders.

Capitol Police Chief Kim Dine Grilled on Miriam Carey Shooting

Pressed to delve into lessons learned from the Oct. 3 shooting of Miriam Carey, Capitol Police Chief Kim C. Dine stood by the department’s use of force Monday.

Why America Has Two Debt Ceilings | Commentary

In what is being hailed as the “great bipartisan act” of 2014, members of Congress and the president agreed on Feb. 15 to suspend the federal government’s debt limit through March 2015. The suspension applied to the $17.2 trillion in debt that is measured by currently outstanding U.S. Treasury bills. But this did not take into consideration America’s other “debt ceiling” — the one that is approaching $78 trillion and that unfortunately has no statutory limit.




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