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Sidewalks, Rail & Highway Projects On the Winners List As Foxx Awards $600M

It was Christmas in September on Friday for state and local transportation officials in 46 states as Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx announced $600 million in grants for projects ranging from a new streetcar in Providence, R.I., to building on-ramps and off-ramps at a key freight chokepoint in City of Industry, Calif.

Agricultural Runoff Issues Will Contribute to Future of America's Water Quality Regulations

The Lake Erie algae bloom that forced Toledo officials to issue a do-not-drink advisory for local water in August highlighted the impact that agriculture can have on water quality.

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Administration and Farmers Clash Over More Precise Clean Water Act Regulations

The Obama administration has found itself in a public brawl with farmers over a proposed rule that would more precisely define what land the Clean Water Act regulates.

Looking for Job Security? Get a Doctorate in Science, Engineering & Health

The unemployment rate for people with doctoral degrees in science, engineering and health isn’t too shabby, according to a report by the National Science Foundation.

Senators Press for a Vote on Sunscreen Ingredient Measure

Overhauling the cumbersome Food and Drug Administration process for approving new sunscreen ingredients is high on the agenda of the bipartisan Senate duo of Democrat Jack Reed of Rhode Island and Republican Johnny Isakson of Georgia. In July, the House passed legislation that seeks to streamline the FDA sunscreen ingredient approval process and Reed and Isakson are urging action on the Senate counterpart measure. Lawmakers claim that slow FDA approval process is holding back the introduction of ingredients that have been approved in Europe.

Reducing Renewable Energy Threats to Wildlife

The Energy Department is spending millions of dollars to figure out how to protect wildlife from renewable energy technology, following reports of birds and bats injured or killed at solar and wind sites.

Big Issues on the Horizon for Small Plane Manufacturers

Next year Congress must pass a bill to reauthorize the Federal Aviation Administration. One industry with a lot at stake is general aviation, the companies that manufacture aircraft other than those flown by the military and scheduled commercial airlines.

Will Recent Data Breaches Scare Consumers Away from

This summer a test server behind the website was infiltrated by an alien computer code, or malware. The Department of Health and Human Services notified Congress last week on the security breach and said the infected server did not contain personal information. However, the event, combined with other recent consumer site data breaches, call into question how consumers will react to the site when the new open enrollment period begins on Nov. 15. A House committee next week plans to quiz administration officials over the recent security breach and the exchange website security concerns.

Event: National Security in the 2014 Elections, Then After

There’s an event coming up here in Washington, D.C. that CQ Roll Call is co-hosting with Just Security, the excellent blog about national security law that Five By Five has been quoting almost literally since day one. The event is on Sept. 22 and it’s about the role national security is playing in the elections, then what the post-election picture looks like for Congress and national security.

ISIS and Twitter

The Islamic State terrorist group will have no safe haven if they threaten America, President Obama said in address to the nation on Wednesday night.

Companies Involved in Digital Trade had $935B in 2012 Online Sales, Report Says

The International Trade Commission released a digital trade report on Thursday that the Senate Finance Committee had requested and one takeaway highlights something we all know – the Internet is important to the economy. Here are a few of the findings:

Enviro Groups Decry Enbridge Tar Sands Workaround

Conservation groups are outraged by the State Department’s acceptance of Enbridge’s move to increase shipment of Canadian oil derived from Alberta bituminous sand by moving heavy crude to another line to cross the border from Canada – but unlike with the Keystone XL Pipeline, there does not appear to be much recourse.

New Hampshire Vote Brings Back Health Law Memories of January 2010

The results of the New Hampshire Republican primary this week offers a reminder about how the 2010 health care overhaul became law. Republicans in the New Hampshire on Tuesday selected former Sen. Scott P. Brown to challenge incumbent Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen.

9/11 Political Commercials

There is a fresh pair of 2014 election season ads up that are tied to Sept. 11. One has already endured some backlash.

Coal Production is Doing What?

With coal job cuts grabbing the headlines, here are some unexpected facts on coal mining production and employment.

Eshoo Wants an Updated Innovation Agenda Next Congress

If California House Democrat Anna G. Eshoo, who’s been vying to become the top Democrat on the Energy and Commerce Committee next Congress, gets that spot, one area she might pursue is updating an innovation agenda.

FDA Looking Toward Regulating Lab-Based Tests

Genetic testing advances have gotten ahead of federal regulators. That was a message delivered to lawmakers this week in a hearing on personalized laboratory-developed genetic tests. The tests examine genes and DNA to see if they indicate the presence of, or risk for developing, particular diseases or disorders, which can be used to develop treatment plans. A Government Accountability Office report in 2010 critiqued the quality of direct-to-consumer genetic tests and medical groups question the reliability of the information.

Transportation Policy Guru Poole Voices Skepticism About Vehicle-To-Vehicle Technology

Robert Poole, co-founder of the Reason Foundation, has worked on transportation policy for more than three decades and is an influential voice on tolling, congestion pricing and infrastructure finance.

Rhetoric Aside, Signs of Bipartisanship After Obama ISIS Speech

If you were just judging by the tone of the GOP response to Barack Obama’s speech Wednesday night about the terrorist group that calls itself the Islamic State, you might get the impression that Republicans were on very opposite pages with the Democratic president.

How Global Business Travelers Are Coping In An Increasingly Perilous World

We recently asked Global Business Travel Association (Twitter: @GlobalBTA ) executive director Michael W. McCormick for his views on how the last several month’s world events have affected business travelers.




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