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Supreme Court May Hear Texas Case Again

The Supreme Court is set to decide soon whether justices will again hear the case of Abigail Noel Fisher, a white student who was denied admission to the University of Texas-Austin. The court first dealt with the case two years ago, sending it back to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals.

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Affirmative Action Thrives at Most Selective Colleges

Colleges across the country are trying to diversify their freshman classes, but are doing so on an ever-changing legal terrain about whether, and to what extent, they may consider race in admissions policy.

The Week Ahead: Internet of Things, Net Neutrality and More

Members of the Federal Communications Commission are back on the Hill this week, with Chairman Tom Wheeler and commissioner Ajit Pai testifying in budget and net neutrality hearings. Hearings and events on the Internet of Things are also on tap in the week ahead.

CMS Weighs Expanding Payment for End-of-Life Planning

Medicare officials may this year propose creating a new payment for time that doctors spend helping their patients plan for how they would confront terminal illness and rapid declines in health.

Vote-A-Rama And Aviation Hearings On Week's Agenda

This weeks Senate action will feature the vote-a-rama, a series of dozens of votes on various policy proposals offered as amendments to the fiscal year 2016 budget resolution.

Why the GOP Will Likely Attack the Potemkin White House

If budget resolutions are aspirational, sketching the big picture Congress envisions for government, then spending bills are the polar opposite: Blueprints that lawmakers micromanage down to the smallest line item.

National Ag Day: Celebrating the Backbone of America’s Rural Economy | Commentary

By Tom Buis

The 40-Year Saga of The EPA's Coal-Ash Rule

The path to the Environmental Protection Agencys December release of its final rule for coal-ash disposal stretched for nearly 40 years through the halls of Congress, the bureaucratic web of federal agencies, and in and out of courtrooms across the country. Here are a few key milestones:

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Noting the Irony, Republican Praises EPA Coal-Ash Rule

An unusual event transpired last week in the House: A senior Republican opened a hearing by praising the Environmental Protection Agency.

Hospitals Press for Relief From Medicare Readmission Penalty

While pressing for relief from a penalty tied to readmission rates, hospital executives showed how the Medicare policy is spurring a deeper look at how some of the poorest Americans live.

What Are the Technical Hurdles Facing Drone Delivery?

The Wall Street Journal in a story Friday reports on technical challenges that drone delivery faces, like the battery life of drones, that are at least as vexing as proposed U.S. regulatory limits.

Odd Couple Tackles ISIS War Funding

Sens. Bob Corker and John McCain have different approaches as they hammer out funding for military action against the Islamic State. McCain, the administrations most persistent and vocal critic on national security matters, dukes it out with the White House in public, Corker is working behind the scenes to seek a so-far elusive compromise that both parties can live with, CQ Roll Calls Rachel Oswald and Megan Scully write in CQ Weekly.

K9 Methane Detection

California may use humankinds best friend to find natural gas leaks.

In ESEA Reauthorization Talks, Congress Should Keep Music Core

By Christopher Woodside

A Bipartisan Move To Strengthen Freight Rail Regulation

In the 1890s the Populists complained that freight railroads were too powerful and charged farmers too much to ship their grain to market. Complaints about railroad power are being heard anew more than 100 years later.

The Innovation Roadblock: Why Congress Should Repeal the Medical Device Tax | Commentary

By Mary Woolley and Gregory Sorensen

Low Oil Prices Bring Less Offshore Interest

The level of interest in new oil and gas leases this week in the Gulf of Mexico was lower than in past offerings.

Senate Defense Budget Workaround Proposed

Senate Budget Chairman Michael B. Enzi, R-Wyo, proposed a budget blueprint that sticks to the $523 billion defense spending cap under sequestration and limits Overseas Contingency Operations funding to $58 billion, matching the Obama administrations request.

Likely Stalemate over Online Sales Tax Legislation

CQ Roll Calls Alan K. Ota gives the state of play about online sales tax legislation in a story Wednesday, writing that a push to allow states to enforce sales taxes on remote online vendors faces likely stalemate, with a quiet retreat by Senate supporters and a splintering of House Republicans.

CMS Weighs Expanding Coverage of PET Cancer Scans

In the latest round of battles over Medicare payments for positron-emission tomography, or PET, scans, federal officials are considering a request to greatly widen coverage for a form of the test to track whether cancers have spread to the bones.




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