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Why the Fight for 'Female Viagra' Matters | Commentary

By Lori Weinstein

Court Signals Limits on Deference to Regulators

The Supreme Court’s recent decision on the EPA’s mercury rules may mark a re-evaluation of the deference that justices typically afford environmental regulators to interpret the laws they must carry out.

EPA Critics See Carbon Lesson in High Court's Ruling Rolling Back Emissions Regulation

Opponents of the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan are pointing to the recent Supreme Court decision rejecting the EPA’s mercury regulation as a prime example of why Congress or the judicial branch should preclude implementation of the agency’s climate rules’ while they’re challenged in court.

Viable Answer Already Exists to Cyber-Attacks | Letter to the Editor

I am writing in response to the article, “Cybersecurity Measures Inch Forward, but Critics Doubt Their Effectiveness” (Roll Call June 22, 2015).

Increased Focus on Student Loan Crisis Needed | Commentary

By Stephen Dash

NIH: A Treasure Worth Investing In | Commentary

By Marc N. Casper, Chris Hansen and Mark S. Wrighton

Obama’s Long-Awaited Kenya Trip Should Strengthen Economic Security Ties | Commentary

By Robinson Njeru Githae

FDA Needs to Provide Guidance on Biosimilars | Commentary

By Louis Tharp

House Hearing Pushes for New Era in U.S.-Hungary Relations | Commentary

By Réka Szemerkényi

Two Weeks on, Hill's Post-Charleston Agenda Has All but Disappeared

The last of the funerals for the Emanuel Nine is Tuesday, and momentum for removing Confederate symbols from the public square has reached a plateau. But what about tangible federal policy changes in reaction to the Charleston shootings?

Does Congress Believe In Deceiving Americans or Invading Their Privacy? | Commentary

By Paul Bland

Wireless Broadband Spectrum and the Slow Creep of Big Government | Commentary

By Ben Quayle

Insurers' Dirty Tricks Are Undermining a Central Promise of Obamacare | Commentary

By Robert Goldberg

Half Measures Make Ethanol Mandate Worse | Commentary

By Thomas Pyle

Congress Should Promote Fairness in State Sales Taxes | Commentary

By Alan McQuinn

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