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Weekly Wrapup: Surveillance, Immigration and Satellite Television

It was a busy week, with the Senate rejecting moving forward with a surveillance overhaul bill, President Barack Obama announcing executive actions on immigration and Congress sending a satellite television bill to the White House.

A Glance Back at Our Week: Congestion, Oil By Rail, And A Streetcar Nixed

This week we asked whether the cancellation of a planned streetcar line in the Washington, D.C. suburbs is perhaps a turning point for trendy transportation/urban development projects.

ICYMI: Keystone, Tax Extenders & Yucca

The Keystone XL pipeline came one vote short in the Senate, leaving its future in the hands of the administration, Nebraska and another legislative attempt expected under GOP control (subscription).

'Integration Ban' On Its Way End, Process to Start Working Group to Start Immediately

A five-year satellite television reauthorization bill is on its way to the President after both the House and Senate passed the measure this week, and Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler said he would immediately start the process of forming a working group required in the bill to look into a next generation follow-on to the CableCARD.

Rule Updates Clinical Trial Data Disclosure; Watchdog Group Questions NIH Role in Research Protection Update

The Department of Health and Human Services today published a notice of proposed rules on reporting requirements for clinical trials on new drug products. The rules clarify requirements on posting clinical trial results on the federal website – The site contains information on more than 178,000 clinical trials and seeks to prevent duplication of trials and can quickly signal concerns about unsafe or ineffective drugs.

NSA: Hackers Probing Control of Power, Water & Fuel

The head of the National Security Agency called for more information sharing to thwart hackers from China and elsewhere who crawl computer systems of critical U.S. infrastructure to access controls that could be used to cut utility services, CQ Roll Call’s Rob Margetta reported Thursday.

Week In Review: Ebola Response

Congressional committees this week wrapped up a series of Ebola response review hearings and advanced bills authorizing international aid funding and streamlining Ebola drug research. Panels examined the Ebola response in West Africa, following Centers for Disease Control and Prevention action this week expanding traveler screening to persons arriving in the U.S. from Mali.

Friday Q & A: Rep. Rick Larsen, D-Wash., Part One

First elected to the House in 2000, Rep. Rick Larsen, D-Wash., is the ranking Democrat on the House Transportation and Infrastructure aviation subcommittee. He’s playing a lead role on the bill that the House is poised to take up next year to reauthorize the Federal Aviation Administration and perhaps make basic changes in how the nation’s airspace is managed.

Obama Revives Keystone Export Debate

Twice this month President Barack Obama said the Keystone XL pipeline would be used to ship oil from Canadian bituminous sands overseas.

Roundup: President's Immigration Executive Actions and Tech

President Barack Obama announced his long-awaited executive actions on immigration on Thursday, and CQ Roll Call’s Steven Dennis has the details of the executive actions here.

Weekly Recap: F-35, Iraq Weapons, Congress, Uber

Let’s review the week that was. Would you say we would be venturing into a zone of danger? The zone will be one of danger.

Bill Action Update: Sudden Infant Death and Rural Hospital Supervision Bills

The Senate can pass bills very fast — if senators want to. Following committee action on Wednesday on a bill (HR 669) seeking to improve data collection on sudden infant deaths, the Senate on Thursday quietly approved the measure by voice vote. However, an added substitute amendment to the bill offered by Iowa Democratic Sen. Tom Harkin forces another House vote on the revised measure.

Culberson to be Next House C-J-S 'Cardinal'

Texas Republican John Culberson is slated to become the next chairman of the House Appropriations Commerce-Justice-Science Subcommittee and on Thursday he signaled that he’ll be a booster for NASA and the National Science Foundation.

A Bipartisan Move To Reward Whistleblowers

EIA Debuts Crude Import Tool

The Energy Information Administration has a new interface for assessing crude oil imports.

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