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Some E-Cigarette Makers Support a Ban

E-cigarette companies took a beating from Senate Democrats at a hearing last year focused on their marketing practices, but LOGIC Technology President Miguel Martin said some brands — such as his own — are taking steps to be responsible.

Democrats Renew Press for Curbs on E-Cigarettes

Democrats are renewing efforts to protect children from the potential harm of electronic cigarettes, but the main event will come on the regulatory front if the Food and Drug Administration meets expectations and releases a final rule this year.

A Look Back: Cuomo, Coons, Coal, Climate Change

This week we looked at the buzz over a new revenue source for the nation’s highways and transit systems. Sen. Rand Paul, R- Ky., Sen. Barbara Boxer, D- Calif., Rep. John Delaney, D- Md., and others are proposing ways to tax repatriated profits and fill the Highway Trust Fund.

#Flashback Friday: Covering Congress, 40 Years Ago

Manual typewriters, cigarette smoke and alcohol.

Obama Transportation Proposals: Deja Vu All Over?

President Obama presents his Fiscal Year 2016 budget proposal on Monday.

Weekly Wrapup: Internet of Things, Internet Governance and NASA Budget

Among the news this week, the Federal Communications Commission changed its definition of what constitutes advanced Internet access and Google Fiber announced four more metropolitan areas where it would deploy. At Technocrat, we had posts for you on the Internet of Things, Sen. John Thune’s speech at the American Enterprise Institute and more.

ICYMI: Keystone Vote, Gas Exports & Offshore Drilling

After dispatching a slew of amendments, the Senate Thursday passed a bill approving the Keystone Pipeline, falling shy of the support needed to override a threatened White House veto. CQ subscribers can read more on the prospects of a conference with the House.

Weekly Recap: White House Drone, Super Bowl Drones, Budget Red Zone

The re-taking of Kobani was one of the things we didn’t cover this week. It wasn’t alone. Let’s catch up on our hits and misses.

Let's Look Back at Previous Budget Requests for NASA

The President releases his annual budget request to Congress on Monday and Technocrat’s going to be keeping an eye out for what the administration proposes for NASA. In advance of Monday, let’s take a look back at some of the notable, controversial, or just eye-catching elements of previous budget requests for the agency.

Pentagon Hardware Budget Fights: Fiscal 2016 Forecast, Fiscal 2015 Review

We’ve seen enough of the fiscal 2016 budget plan for the Pentagon from the Obama administration to get a sense of where it comes down on some of the biggest-ticket hardware. Let’s review some of last year’s biggest fights, and where they might go this year.

Feds Warn of Tax Consequences Linked to Individual Mandate

The Department of Health and Human Services is bringing out the stick – the specter of fines for failing to get covered — and partnering with tax preparers to help Americans make sense of federal tax forms about health insurance that are being mailed to most people by Monday.

Top Defense Contractors Still Making Money, Mostly

With year-end and fourth-quarter reports out for all the major defense contractors, it’s a mixed bag on how well they’re doing. Ultimately, they’re not doing so bad for what was supposed to be an era of decline.

The Reality of Three Ozone Maps

Maps lie.

Seeking Cures, White House Looks for Precision

President Obama today will offer additional details (view fact sheet) on a “precision medicine initiative” he briefly noted in last week’s State of the Union address. The proposal seeks a $215 million investment to develop patient-customized disease treatments. The additional funding for new precision medicines is spread between the National Institutes of Health, the Food and Drug Administration and the agency charged with coordinating the development of advanced health information technologies.

Spectrum Auction: Competition, Dish and Relocation

The Federal Communications Commission’s auction of a set of spectrum called AWS-3 raised a lot of money. A new record of nearly $45 billion to be exact, and much more than had been predicted.

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