Capitol Campus

Police Shoot, Wound Man at US Capitol

A Capitol Hill visitor was shot by Capitol Police on Monday after he pulled out what appeared to be a weapon during the screening process and pointed it at an officer, said Capitol Police Chief Matthew R. Verderosa.

Mountains of Snow Dumped on West Front

Time-Lapse: DC's 2016 Snowstorm

Trump: Capitol Dome Restoration Behind Schedule
“Now I say, do it simpler. Get them to work faster."

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump suggested Monday night that he knows something the rest of us don’t about the Capitol Dome restoration project — it’s behind schedule.

Citing “a construction firm that’s involved in the job, ” Trump claimed workers don’t have enough time to finish the project before the 2017 presidential inauguration. “So they’re going to take all of the scaffolding down. Pay millions of dollars to do that — millions. And then after the inauguration they’re going to put it back up again, and pay millions of dollars more.”

Children Sing John Oliver DC Song on Capitol Hill

“There are 50 states in total and we’ll sing their names with glee, but there’s one place that gets shafted and it’s Washington, D.C.!” sang the kids of Capitol Hill Sunday morning.