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Tax Cuts to Be Revisited, Vows Sen. Van Hollen CQ Budget Special Edition Podcast, Episode 89

Nov 27, 2018...This is a special edition podcast to bring you an interview with a key lawmaker, Sen. Chris Van Hollen, about how Democrats will respond to Republican tax cuts.

Van Hollen Complains of ‘Dark of Night’ House GOP Tax Bill Dems plan to hold hearings on problems with tax code overhaul

Nov 27, 2018...Sen. Chris Van Hollen said a 200-page-plus tax bill released late Monday by House Republicans would receive a cool reception from Democrats.

Van Hollen Urges Freedom Caucus to Protect Medicare ‘Sequestration would harm Americans across the country’

Nov 15, 2017...The House Freedom Caucus should raise the issue of automatic spending cuts that would occur to the Medicare program should Congress pass a sweeping tax overhaul, Sen. Chris Van Hollen wrote in a Wednesday letter to the group.

Democrats Plan to Craft Tax Law Changes, Van Hollen Says Don't expect a #fullrepeal effort

Feb 26, 2018...Senate Democrats plan to craft a plan to rework last year’s overhaul of the tax code, but don’t expect them to push full repeal.

Opinion: We Can’t Afford Not to Pay Interns This issue is too important to ignore, Sen. Chris Van Hollen writes

Apr 20, 2018...Capitol Hill interns have been an institution within an institution since I first worked for Congress in the late 1980s — and long before. From answering phones, to helping constituents, to legislative research, they are a vital part of any congressional office. I know my team could not function without them, and we are thankful for their tireless work.

Greta Thunberg goes to Washington, an epicenter of climate inaction Teen climate activist testifies Wednesday at joint House hearing

Sep 18, 2019...The Swedish teenager who has become a symbol for a young generation worried about climate change is in Washington this week to help change minds — a hard thing to do in a capital locked in partisan combat.

Take 5: Chris Van Hollen Maryland Democrat takes ‘birther stuff very personally’

Jan 25, 2017...Democratic Sen. Chris Van Hollen of Maryland, 58, elected to the Senate last November after seven terms in the House, talks about his childhood overseas, working in Alaska and traveling to Cuba.

Van Hollen Confident Dems Will Invest in Alabama Special Election 'We have a terrific candidate' in Doug Jones, Maryland senator says

Sep 21, 2017...Sen. Chris Van Hollen believes Democrats will invest in their candidate in the Alabama special election to fill the remaining term of former Sen. Jeff Sessions, President Donald Trump’s attorney general.

Van Hollen Vouching For All Congressional Interns to Get Paid Maryland Democrat says it will increase diversity among staffers

Sep 11, 2017...Interns, is it time to guarantee that you get paid? Sen. Chris Van Hollen thinks so.

Van Hollen Frames Trump Proposals as Dicey for GOP DSCC chief cites health care plan, budget as politically tricky

Mar 24, 2017...Democratic Sen. Chris Van Hollen, who leads his party’s Senate campaign arm, says Republicans are creating a tough political environment in next year’s midterm elections for themselves by taking up President Donald Trump’s proposals.