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Top Ethics Democrat Gets Pushed to Do More Against Trump Ted Deutch town hall got interesting when Emoluments Clause came up

Aug 31, 2017...FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — You might expect a congressional town hall in a safely Democratic district to be a relatively staid affair. And you would be correct, until one woman near the front of the conference space at a municipal recreation complex here in South Florida stood up to ask the ranking Democrat on the House Ethics Committee about enforcement of the Constitution’s Emoluments Clause.

Trump Administration Gives Ethics Waivers to Ex-Lobbyists President pledged to limit influence of lobbyists during his campaign

Jun 7, 2017...A fresh batch of ethics waivers made public Wednesday offers new insight into the roles that ex-lobbyists and other one-time industry representatives have taken in the Trump administration to shape health care, immigration and other policy matters.

House Democrats Want to Use Minibus to Target Trump Ethics Rules Committee likely to nix attempts to force issue

Jul 26, 2017...House Democrats this week are trying to hitch a slate of amendments to the appropriations minibus, all targeting the business, family members and scandals of President Donald Trump.

Ethics Watchdogs Make a Career of It Norm Eisen and Richard Painter are among Trump’s most vocal critics

Mar 16, 2017...Norm Eisen, Barack Obama’s White House ethics czar, was such a stickler for enforcing the rules that even some colleagues privately expressed relief when he traipsed off to Prague for an ambassadorship.

House Democrats Focus on Ethics, Political Money Effort is aimed at highlighting president’s ethics woes

Jul 19, 2017...Amid the collapse of a signature piece of Republican health care legislation and continued revelations about the Trump team’s ties to Russia, House Democrats have turned their spotlight on proposals to revamp ethics, campaign finance and voting rights laws.

Ethics Office Director Resigns to Join Watchdog Group “The White House accepts Mr. Shaub’s resignation and appreciates his service.”

Jul 6, 2017...The director of the federal Office of Government Ethics, who has clashed repeatedly with the Trump administration, announced Thursday he will step down before his term ends to join a nonpartisan watchdog organization.

Trump’s Ethics Waivers Grant Ex-Lobbyists Wide Influence Ethics watchdogs, some lobbyists decry movement between K Street and administration

Jun 1, 2017...The batch of ethics waivers released by the White House offered more evidence of what everyone already knew: The Trump administration, despite pledges to “drain the swamp,” has embraced the revolving door between government and the private sector.

Trump Criticizes House GOP on Ethics Office Overhaul President-elect says party should focus on tax reform, Obamacare

Jan 3, 2017...Donald Trump on Tuesday chastised the more than 100 House Republicans who voted Monday night to gut the independent Office of Congressional Ethics, marking the first clash between the president-elect and his party’s House caucus.

Ep. 49: Trump’s Ethics Give Democrats a Midterm Weapon The Big Story

Apr 12, 2017...President Donald Trump has a blasé approach to the long list of complaints about his ethical conflicts and quandaries, and his GOP base hardly seems to mind, CQ Roll Call’s lobbying reporter Kate Ackley says. But all the questionable behavior by the president, his senior aides and his family are already giving Democrats on the Hill plenty of talking points for the midterm campaign.