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White House angers GOP senator with executive privilege claim on car tariff report Other executive privilege claims could be key in impeachment trial

Jan 21, 2020...The Trump administration is making a sweeping claim of executive privilege on a topic of interest to the Senate this week, and it has nothing to do with the impeachment trial.

Long wait for China tariff exemptions pays off for some About a third of requests for exemptions from tariffs were granted in first two tranches of tariffs

Dec 23, 2019...The limited scope of the phase one trade deal with China means that the bulk of U.S. tariffs will remain in place for the foreseeable future, leaving U.S. companies hurt by the duties no other choice but to get in line for an exemption if they want to limit the damage.

Democrats use Trump’s tariffs against House Republicans in new ads DCCC launches back-to-school themed ads against 11 GOP lawmakers

Aug 29, 2019...In a sign that Democrats are broadening their 2020 messaging, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee on Thursday is rolling out digital ads attacking House Republicans over President Donald Trump’s trade policies. 

Trump increases China tariffs as stocks tumble amid latest trade tensions President posts odd tweet blaming markets’ jitters on largely unknown House Democrat

Aug 23, 2019...Capping an extraordinary day of major power muscle-flexing and more odd presidential behavior, Donald Trump on Friday answered a tariffs threat from Beijing by increasing coming import duties on $550 billion worth of Chinese-made items.

Trade Office works through tariff exclusions as requests mount Rejection rate on the 10,829 exclusion requests on first tranche of imports was 62 percent

Jul 29, 2019...The U.S. Trade Representative’s process for doling out exclusions to Section 301 tariffs on imports from China has slowed to a painful crawl.

Democrats join Trump in whining about tariffs on wine Feinstein, others call on administration to push for removing duties on U.S. wine

Jun 12, 2019...Concerns about tariffs on wine are leaving a sour taste both on Capitol Hill and in the White House.

Trump announces deal with Mexico to avoid tariffs President says Mexico has agreed to “strong measures” to stem migrant flows toward border

Jun 7, 2019...President Donald Trump on Friday night announced his administration has struck a deal with Mexico over curbing migrant flows toward the U.S. border after a dramatic week of threats and negotiation.

US wine and cosmetic importers fear harm in response to French digital services tax USTR proposes tariffs up to 100 percent on French products after France imposed 3 percent tax on US tech companies

Jan 7, 2020...Hundreds of wine merchants and other importers delivered a common complaint to the U.S. Trade Representative ahead of a Tuesday hearing on proposed retaliatory tariffs for France’s tax on digital services: Our products should not be collateral damage in a trade war over services.

Trade rep targets EU hams, cheeses, olives and pasta for tariffs Agency says it is waiting for WTO arbitrator’s ruling before next steps in long-running Airbus subsidy dispute

Jul 3, 2019...Agricultural goods and metal products topped a list of European Union goods targeted for possible trade countermeasures as the U.S. Trade Representative turned up the pressure in the Airbus subsidy dispute on Tuesday.

Trump signs ‘phase one’ China pact, first of two trade milestones this week Senate to take up NAFTA replacement before impeachment trial begins

Jan 15, 2020...Amid the impeachment proceedings on Capitol Hill, President Donald Trump on Wednesday signed the first of two significant milestones on trade — an agreement with China that amounts to a ceasefire in his war with the Asian giant.