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Vitter’s Wife Nominated by Trump for Federal Judgeship in Louisiana Wendy Vitter stayed with her husband amid ‘D.C. Madam’ scandal

Jan 24, 2018...President Donald Trump nominated former Louisiana Sen. David Vitter’s wife for a federal judgeship in Louisiana on Tuesday.

Pence Vote Needed, Twice, to Push Brownback Nomination Along Absences make it close for former senator and current Kansas governor

Jan 24, 2018...Senatorial courtesy only extends so far these days. Case in point? Former Sen. Sam Brownback, who is Kansas’ Republican governor and has been nominated by President Donald Trump to serve as ambassador at large for International Religious Freedom, needed Vice President Mike Pence to break a tie just to cut off debate on his nomination.

Third Trump Judicial Pick Withdraws Nomination Matthew Petersen could not answer basic questions about legal principles

Dec 18, 2017...Matthew Petersen on Monday withdrew his nomination to be a judge on the federal district court in Washington, less than a week after a video of his confirmation hearing went viral because it showed him unable to answer Sen. John N. Kennedy’s questions on basic litigation principles.

Bernie Sanders Gets a Grammy Nomination Vermont senator co-narrated his book with actor Mark Ruffalo

Nov 28, 2017...Sen. Bernie Sanders might have failed to earn the Democratic presidential nomination last year, but the socialist independent from Vermont can add Grammy nominee to his name.

Senate Banking Advances Powell Nomination for Fed Chairman Sen. Elizabeth Warren only senator to vote against recommendation

Dec 5, 2017...The Senate Banking Committee voted 22-1 Tuesday to recommend confirmation of Jerome Powell as the next chairman of the Federal Reserve. Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren voted against the recommendation.

Lankford, Rules Panel, Kick Off Latest Nominations Debate Hearing likely to prelude 2018 fights

Dec 19, 2017...It is unusual for a sitting senator to be the sole witness before a committee, and it is even more unusual for a senator to face questions in such a setting.

Virginia Democrats Wrestle Over Nomination Process 10th District is holding primary, 5th isn’t, 7th and 2nd have yet to decide

Nov 22, 2017...In the most competitive of Virginia’s congressional districts, Democrats have decided to hold a primary to nominate a candidate to take on two-term Republican Rep. Barbara Comstock.

Trump to Nominate New HHS Secretary Alex Azar Former pharmaceutical president vocal Obamacare opponent

Nov 13, 2017...President Trump announced on Twitter he plans to nominate Alex Azar to be the next secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services.

Clovis Latest Casualty of Russia Probe, Withdraws Nomination Trump adviser identified as communicating with Papadopoulos

Nov 2, 2017...Sam Clovis, the nominee for the Agriculture Department’s top scientific post, has withdrawn from consideration after being identified as one of the Trump campaign officials with whom former campaign aide George Papadopoulos communicated about his Russian contacts.

Nominations Fill Legislative Void in Senate Work stalled in the chamber amid partisan health care and tax effort

Oct 16, 2017...Senate Republicans have repeatedly accused the Democratic minority of slow-rolling the process of confirming President Donald Trump’s nominees for hundreds of vacant federal and judicial positions. But after engaging in a partisan agenda for most of this year, the GOP may need those confirmation votes just to fill up floor time in the chamber.