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Road ahead: All eyes on the budget and debt limit deal, except when Mueller testifies House to tackle border issues, while Senate will confirm Defense secretary, clear 9/11 compensation bill

Jul 22, 2019...All eyes this week will be on whether House lawmakers are able to pass a deal to raise the debt limit and set spending levels for the next two years before leaving for the August recess on Friday.

Mitt Romney and Rand Paul speak up against ‘no budget, no pay’ Senate panel attaches proposal to government shutdown prevention measure

Jun 19, 2019...Republican Sens. Mitt Romney and Rand Paul might not see eye-to-eye on every issue, but the two former presidential candidates agree that it’s a bad idea to withhold lawmaker pay because of government shutdowns.

How to dine like a boss on a tight budget in D.C. Hill reception circuit offers a lifeline for cash-strapped interns

May 24, 2019...Receptions are the lifeblood of the broke Capitol Hill intern’s diet. Besides being a great place for meeting people (ABN: always be networking) they provide a bounty of free food and drinks, and usually the spreads are halfway decent. I once went a whole week without paying a dime for dinner. And honestly, with enough dedication, I could have stretched that to a month.

Abortion politics: Warning of ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ versus a $41 million budget House hearing examines restrictive state laws as anti-abortion group promises major 2020 push

Jun 4, 2019...Laws passed by Alabama, Georgia and Louisiana, which conservatives hope will spur the Supreme Court to reverse the nationwide guarantee of a right to abortion, were the focus of heated partisan debate at a House hearing Tuesday.

Sen. Rand Paul’s austere budget plan goes down in Senate Kentucky Republican said his plan would reverse a trajectory of ever-rising deficits in coming years

Jun 3, 2019...The Senate blocked consideration Monday of a bill by Sen. Rand Paul that would require trillions of dollars in spending cuts over the coming decade to bring about a balanced budget.

Trump officials, congressional leaders make ‘progress’ on budget talks A follow-up meeting is scheduled to begin Tuesday afternoon

May 21, 2019...Congressional leaders and top Trump administration officials made “progress” toward a spending caps and debt limit agreement during a two-hour meeting Tuesday morning and are planning to meet again in the afternoon, according to acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney.

Alice Rivlin, first CBO chief and Clinton budget director, dies

May 14, 2019...Alice M. Rivlin, an economist, budget and health care expert respected on both sides of the aisle and the first director of the Congressional Budget Office, died Tuesday at the age of 88 after a battle with cancer.

New budget request for border crisis could come this week Some funding would be for migrant processing facilities

Apr 30, 2019...Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan told lawmakers Tuesday that the White House is planning to send Congress a supplemental funding request this week to address the high volume of migrants arriving at the southern border.

Divided Democrats may forgo a budget resolution CQ Budget Podcast, Episode 105

Apr 1, 2019...The House Budget Committee may punt on a fiscal 2020 budget resolution to avoid exposing Democratic caucus fissures over tax and spending policy. But an effort to reach a deal to raise spending limits for the coming fiscal year could prove just as dicey, as Lindsey McPherson explains.

How Congress might rewrite Trump’s budget CQ Budget Podcast, Episode 103

Mar 19, 2019...The president has proposed deep cuts to planned spending in Medicare and Medicaid, while trying to uphold austere limits on nondefense discretionary spending. But Congress is already talking about a rewrite. CQ's Kellie Mejdrich explains what lawmakers might have in mind.