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The unglamorous job of federal budgeting New budget reform legislation would help restore a broken process

Nov 5, 2019...OPINION — It is no secret that a vast majority of Americans disapprove of the job Congress is doing. Too often our political debates are characterized by hyperpartisanship, rather than achieving meaningful outcomes for the American people. Nowhere is this problem more acute than when it comes to our inability to address our country’s unsustainable fiscal course.

Budget deficit nears the $1 trillion mark CQ Budget, Ep. 131

Oct 28, 2019...The fiscal 2019 deficit was up 26 percent over the 2018 level. Paul M. Krawzak unpacks what accounts for the rising red ink.

John Yarmuth, from pinup to budget wonk

Oct 18, 2019...Smile, network and don’t be surprised if you end up as a pinup. Rep. John Yarmuth is now the House Budget chairman, but as a young Hill staffer, he was showcased for Roll Call’s unfortunate “Hill Pinup” feature as an April Fools’ joke in 1971. Don’t worry, the feature has long since been discontinued.

John Yarmuth went from Roll Call pinup to Budget chairman Kentucky Democrat started on the Hill as a staff replacement for Mitch McConnell

Oct 18, 2019...John Yarmuth got his start on Capitol Hill in 1971 after another young future lawmaker — Mitch McConnell — called and asked him to take his slot on the staff of their home-state senator, Kentucky’s Marlow Cook.

Democrats: Budget rule change undercuts Congress’ authority The new rule instructs agencies to report alleged violations only if the agency, in consultation with OMB, agrees a violation occurred

Oct 4, 2019...Democratic appropriations leaders wrote to the Office of Management and Budget Friday objecting to a decision to limit agencies’ reporting of alleged budget violations, which they said is an attempt to weaken congressional oversight.

House committee leaders demand budget documents related to Ukraine aid holdup Letter asks OMB to provide trove of information, much of it by Oct. 1

Sep 27, 2019...The chairs of the House Budget and Appropriations committees took the Office of Management and Budget to task Friday for possibly illegally withholding foreign aid funds appropriated by Congress including assistance to Ukraine.

Cannon renewal could be $100 million over budget; hazardous materials found Project has not yet fully completed Phase 1 yet

Sep 10, 2019...The project to renovate the Cannon House Office Building could climb more than $100 million over budget, a process that has, in part, been delayed by the discovery of hazardous materials and a fluid list of changes requested by the Architect of the Capitol that deviates from the original plan.

Senate inches toward Wednesday budget deal vote McConnell laid out the process for a series of get-out-of town votes

Jul 30, 2019...Senate leaders edged toward get-out-of-town votes on Wednesday, lining up a series of President Donald Trump’s nominees for confirmation either this week or shortly after the summer recess.

Esper content with defense budget, calls for 'stable leadership' Top jobs in the Pentagon remain unfilled or are being carried out by 'acting' officials

Jul 24, 2019...Newly minted Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper enters the top job at a moment of both relief and urgency for the Pentagon.

Two-year budget pact clears Senate, ending fiscal 2020 impasse President Donald Trump has said he’ll sign the measure when it lands on his desk

Aug 1, 2019...The Senate cleared legislation Thursday that would set topline spending levels for the next two fiscal years and suspend the debt limit through July 2021, clearing the way for appropriators to begin work two months before the new fiscal year begins.