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Cannon renewal could be $100 million over budget; hazardous materials found Project has not yet fully completed Phase 1 yet

Sep 10, 2019...The project to renovate the Cannon House Office Building could climb more than $100 million over budget, a process that has, in part, been delayed by the discovery of hazardous materials and a fluid list of changes requested by the Architect of the Capitol that deviates from the original plan.

Senate inches toward Wednesday budget deal vote McConnell laid out the process for a series of get-out-of town votes

Jul 30, 2019...Senate leaders edged toward get-out-of-town votes on Wednesday, lining up a series of President Donald Trump’s nominees for confirmation either this week or shortly after the summer recess.

Esper content with defense budget, calls for 'stable leadership' Top jobs in the Pentagon remain unfilled or are being carried out by 'acting' officials

Jul 24, 2019...Newly minted Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper enters the top job at a moment of both relief and urgency for the Pentagon.

Two-year budget pact clears Senate, ending fiscal 2020 impasse President Donald Trump has said he’ll sign the measure when it lands on his desk

Aug 1, 2019...The Senate cleared legislation Thursday that would set topline spending levels for the next two fiscal years and suspend the debt limit through July 2021, clearing the way for appropriators to begin work two months before the new fiscal year begins.

Thursday eyed for Senate budget vote, August recess start The timing of final votes uncertain as senators look to jet out of town for August recess

Jul 31, 2019...The Senate appears set to spend another day in session before lawmakers can go home for August recess.

What the two-year budget deal means for federal spending CQ Budget podcast, episode 120

Jul 29, 2019...With a new budget deal about to become law, CQ Roll Call senior budget reporter Paul M. Krawzak explains how raising the debt limit and raising the spending levels will shape government budget decisions this fall and the year to come. With overall spending limits set, the House will have to revisit the 10 spending bills it has already passed and find $15 billion more to cut. 

CQ Roll Call Analysis: Lower spending, deficits partially due to budget control law CQ Budget podcast, episode 122

Aug 12, 2019...CQ Roll Call's Budget Editor Peter Cohn combed through the numbers since Congress passed the Budget Control Act of 2011 and found something remarkable: the spending caps produced some results but most of the savings were because of factors out of Congress' hands. 

Budget caps, debt limit bill expected to pass House Thursday A furious whip effort was underway by both parties to clinch a strong bipartisan showing on the floor

Jul 24, 2019...House lawmakers expressed confidence on Wednesday that the two-year budget and debt ceiling deal will pass in that chamber, though a furious whip effort was underway by both parties to clinch a strong bipartisan showing on the floor.

White House, Hill leaders agree on two-year budget deal ‘This was a real compromise in order to give another big victory to our Great Military and Vets!’ Trump tweeted

Jul 22, 2019...House leaders released legislation late Monday that would implement the two-year accord on appropriations and the debt ceiling struck earlier in the day by the White House and top Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill.  

What we know so far about the budget, debt limit deal CQ Budget podcast, Episode 119

Jul 22, 2019...Congress is racing to complete work on some big-ticket items before adjourning for the August recess. CQ Roll Call’s budget and appropriations reporter Kellie Mejdrich reports on a deal to extend the debt limit and set spending levels for two years. And finance reporter Doug Sword explains why the House plans to vote on a bill to shore up struggling pension plans.  Meanwhile, the Senate plans to give final approval of a permanent compensation fund for victims of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.