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How is Obamacare Repeal Bill Being Received on the Hill?

Mar 7, 2017...On Monday night House Republicans unveiled a bill that would repeal and replace parts of the 2010 health care law. Since then, members of Congress on both sides of the aisle have been speaking up to voice criticism or cast their support for the long-awaited bill.

The Quieter Assault Against Obamacare Democrats fault GOP tactic for problems

Feb 7, 2017...The Republican drive to deliver a death blow to President Barack Obama’s health care law has overshadowed a quieter assault using annual government funding bills that’s gone on for years.

The Convoluted Process for Dismantling Obamacare Budget reconciliaton, explained

Jan 12, 2017...In the early hours of Jan. 12, the Senate took the first step in the convoluted process of dismantling and replacing the 2010 health care law. To overcome the potential filibuster power of Senate Democrats, GOP lawmakers are relying on budget reconciliation, the same procedural mechanism their counterparts across the aisle used seven years ago to implement parts of the health care overhaul.

Obamacare ‘Cliff’ Worries Republicans Congress starts sweating the details of ‘repeal and replace’

Dec 12, 2016...Though Republicans are itching to start on their promises to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act, many of them worry about repercussions if the process stalls or takes too long.

White House Watch: Uncertainty Surrounds Obamacare Repeal

Jan 5, 2017...With the new Congress in session, Republicans are moving quickly to dismantle President Barack Obama’s signature health care law, but they’re struggling with the timeline and next steps. White House correspondent John T. Bennett has more.

Pence: Repeal and Replace Obamacare ‘First Order of Business’

Jan 4, 2017...Vice President-elect Mike Pence joined Speaker Paul D. Ryan for a GOP leadership news briefing Wednesday, telling reporters that working with Congress to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act will be the incoming administration’s “first order of business.” See the video for highlights from Pence and Ryan’s remarks.

McConnell: ‘We’re Not Slowing Down’ on Obamacare Repeal

Mar 21, 2017...BY ERIN MERSHON and JOE WILLIAMS, CQ Roll Call

Manchin: Only Trump Can Stop Obamacare Repeal Democratic senator gives his constituents White House phone number

Mar 16, 2017...MARTINSBURG, W. Va. — There might be a few more West Virginians clogging up the White House phone lines, courtesy of their home-state senator.

Election Impact Conference 2016: Obamacare and Beyond

Dec 5, 2016...Cindy Mann, Mark McClellan and Rodney Whitlock on the challenges of repealing and replacing President Barack Obama's signature health care law, potential changes to Medicare and Medicaid and funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program.