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Ethics Committee Acknowledges Investigation of John Duncan Jr. Tennessee Republican campaign reportedly paid felon son $300,000

Feb 20, 2018...The House Ethics Committee acknowledged Tuesday an investigation of Rep. John Duncan Jr, a scion of a Tennessee political dynasty who announced his retirement in July.

Schweikert Chief of Staff Faces Ethics Complaint Accused of double-dipping salary

Feb 15, 2018...Arizona Rep. Dave Schweikert’s chief of staff is facing an ethics complaint for essentially taking two salaries while working for Congress.

Trump Critic Praises Trump Pick for Ethics Office Walter Shaub says pick offers stability amid chaos

Feb 8, 2018...Walter Shaub Jr. has blasted the Trump White House for creating an “ethics crisis,” but the previous head of the Office of Government Ethics now is offering praise for the administration’s choice for his successor.

Ryan Removes Meehan From Ethics Committee Pennsylvania Republican is facing sexual misconduct allegations

Jan 20, 2018...Speaker Paul D. Ryan has removed Rep. Patrick Meehan from the Ethics Committee as the panel will now open an investigation looking into sexual misconduct allegations raised against him.

Ethics Expands Farenthold Investigation, Announces Kihuen Probe Committee now looking into whether Farenthold had congressional staff do campaign work

Dec 22, 2017...The House Ethics Committee announced it has established an investigation into claims of sexual harassment by Rep. Ruben Kihuen and expanded its probe of Rep. Blake Farenthold.

Kihuen Harassment Accuser Not Contacted By House Ethics Investigation Nevada Democratic rep retiring at end of term over allegations

Dec 21, 2017...The woman accusing Rep. Ruben Kihuen of repeated instances of sexual harassment said she has not been contacted directly by the House Ethics Committee regarding its probe into the Nevada Democrat’s behavior.

Ethics Committee Expands Investigation Into Farenthold Texas Republican accused of sexual harassment, retaliation

Dec 7, 2017...The House Ethics committee announced Thursday it unanimously voted to establish a subcommittee to build on its investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct against Texas Republican Rep. Blake Farenthold.

House Ethics Panel Launches Investigation Into Ruben Kihuen Two women have accused Kihuen of sexual harassment

Dec 15, 2017...The House Ethics Committee announced Friday that it has opened an investigation into Rep. Ruben Kihuen. Two women have accused the Nevada Democrat of sexual harassment.

Report: Head of Congressional Ethics Office Sued Ashmawy accused of verbal abuse and physical assault in civil action

Dec 14, 2017...The staff director and chief counsel for the Office of Congressional Ethics is being sued for verbally abusing and physically assaulting women.

Ethics Committee Closes Book on Devin Nunes Panel clears Intelligence Committee chairman of claims of unauthorized disclosures

Dec 7, 2017...The House Ethics Committee on Thursday announced it has closed an investigation into Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, clearing him of claims that he made unauthorized disclosures of classified information.