Will Jawando

25 debates, 9 Democrats and 1 expensive race to replace Chris Van Hollen
Some takeaways from the talkathons in Maryland's 8th District

Candidates for Maryland's 8th District include Kathleen Matthews, left, and clockwise from left David Trone, Kumar Barve, Will Jawando and Jamie Raskin. (CQ Roll Call File Photo and Candidate campaign websites)

The nine Maryland Democrats whose April 26 primary will decide who beats the Republican in Chris Van Hollen's  district have debated a stupefying 25 times . And even the two talk-a-thons I attended in recent weeks left no doubt that:  

Businessman David Trone , who’s poured more of his own money into this race than any congressional candidate in history, relieving his heirs of a total of $12.4 million, seems to have united his rivals in opprobrium.