Free Fallin’ ... with Thom Tillis
North Carolina senator goes a skydiving

Sen. Thom Tillis tandem skydives Thursday somewhere above Fayetteville, N. C. (Screenshot via Sen. Thom Tillis/YouTube)

Bernie Falling Out of the Sky? Campaign Says No
Campaign reportedly considered letting Sanders skydive into California rally

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, speaking Wednesday in Palo Alto, California, was rumored to be considering a skydive into a rally on Friday. It was too good to be true. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

With the future of his campaign up in the air, Bernie Sanders has reportedly dropped an idea that he might skydive into a California rally. The internet was awash with speculation Friday about a barnstorming Bernie after a California newspaper reported that Sanders was considering the suggestion and had approached a local skydiving instructor.  

But the campaign quickly shot that down on Friday.