Sharron Angle Social Security

Former NRSC Officials: Sharron Angle Didn't Know How Social Security Worked
Some who worked with 2010 Nevada Senate nominee say she can't be allowed to win 2016 primary

Sharron Angle is again seeking the GOP nomination for Senate in Nevada. (Jason Davis/Getty Images)

In the summer of 2010, Sharron Angle visited with top officials at the National Republican Senatorial Committee in their Washington headquarters. It was the first time the two parties had met, just weeks after Angle had won a surprise upset in Nevada’s Republican Senate primary.  

The NRSC leaders wanted to talk about politics and policy with their newly minted nominee, but when the conversation turned to Social Security, they learned they had a big problem. Angle, according to two people in the room, talked about the entitlement program as if its cash reserves were literally stored in a “lockbox,” located in a government facility in West Virginia.