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Protesters Urge Sen. Portman to Oppose Republican Health Care Bill

Gaming Out the Senate’s Strategy on Health Care Bill This Week

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Heard on the Hill This Week: The Saga of the Student Painting Heist

Throughout a week filled with heated confirmation hearings and a late-night vote-a-rama, one story continuously dogged Roll Call’s Heard on the Hill reporter Alex Gangitano: some lawmakers kept taking down a controversial student painting in the Cannon tunnel. Watch the video for a play-by-play from Gangitano.

Ryan Calls Ferguson Painting ‘Disgusting’ ]

Supreme Court Pick Resumes Personal Push in Senate
Merrick Garland submits paperwork to Judiciary Committee, but no sign of any hearing


Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland submitted a questionnaire about his credentials to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, as he resumes his meetings with senators who can decide his fate.