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The Deal Donald Trump Couldn't Close
The veep he's said he wants has instead endorsed Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump once said Oprah would be a fantastic VP choice, but now she's backing Hillary Clinton. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for NAACP Image Awards)

Way back in 1999, when Donald Trump was toying with the idea of a presidential run, he was asked who would be a good vice president on a Trump ticket and cited Oprah Winfrey, calling her “very special.” Just last year, he repeated that choice, saying that together, the two would win “easily.” It would be the showman’s dream. Celebrity meets celebrity.

Well,  Oprah Winfrey is taken now. She has endorsed Hillary Clinton, and that, as Trump would say, is huge. Next to her, other Clinton celebrity endorsers, including George Clooney, look like chopped liver.

Michelle Obama and Oprah Team Up On Girl Power
The two women were fan favorites at the United State of Women

First lady Michelle Obama walks through the crypt on her way to watch US President Barack Obama get sworn-in for a second term along with President Barack Obama, (Photo by UPI/Molly Riey)

First lady Michelle Obama discussed her role as a mother, career woman and first lady with Oprah Winfrey at the United State of Women Summit this week.  

“I came into this situation with a really clear sense of who I am," Obama said, reflecting on eight years ago.  

Harriet Tubman Reshuffles the Deck
Choice of abolitionist on the $20 bill tests Jacksonian loyalists

Did the Pulitzer help? Alexander Hamilton stays on the $10 bill, but Andrew Jackson is toast on the $20. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Sometime in the future, someone looking to sell information in a crime movie will say, "I only speak to Harriet Tubman." And then that someone will be slipped a $20 bill.  

The Treasury Department's announcement on Wednesday that Andrew Jackson was coming off the front of the $20 bill and the black abolitionist was replacing him has been met for the most part with positive reactions.