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With 'Humility,' Clinton Accepts Democratic Nomination
She makes history as first woman to lead major party in U.S. presidential campaign

Hillary Clinton and running mate Tim Kaine acknowledge cheers from supporters in Philadelphia. (Photo by Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

Hillary Clinton’s historic address Thursday night shows she knows her general election battle with Donald Trump could be a photo finish.  

Just before 11 p.m. on Thursday, Clinton became the first woman in American history to accept a major political party’s presidential nomination.  

Bernie Delegates Network Found Alternate VP Pick — But Name Still a Secret
Group says paperwork delays foiled nomination of "genuine progressive" rival to Tim Kaine

Supporters of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders chanted as delegates entered the security perimeter for the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia on the first day of the Democratic National Convention Monday. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

The Bernie Delegates Network announced at their Tuesday morning meeting that they had found a "genuine progressive" alternative to Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine who had been willing to be nominated for vice president.  

But the group would not release the name because it was "moot," said co-founder Jeff Cohen. The network was unable to obtain the necessary forms from the Democratic National Committee in time to put his or her name into nomination.  

How Sanders Would Fare Under Different Nominating Rules
Would Hillary Clinton still be the Democratic front-runner?

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders currently trails Hillary Clinton in the delegate race for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination. (Al Drago/CQ Roll Call)

Some of Bernie Sanders' supporters say the Democratic Party's nominating process is rigged against the Vermont senator . They point to the party’s proportional distribution of delegates for making it mathematically impossible for Sanders to catch Hillary Clinton in the race for pledged delegates. We took a look at a few alternatives to the current process to see if they might have been friendlier to the Sanders campaign.  

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