Villanova Basketball Has a Fan in the President

Toomey, Burr Bet on 'March Madness' Title
Villanova and UNC play for the trophy Monday night

Richard Burr's been making a lot of bets this year. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Pennsylvania Sen. Patrick J. Toomey and North Carolina Sen. Richard M. Burr are betting on the final game of March Madness, the NCAA championship between the Villanova and North Carolina.  

What’s at stake? The senator who loses has to wear a hat and t-shirt of the winning team and post photographs on social media.  

Lawmakers Have Their Own NCAA Bracket Challenge

Boehner posted his Roll Call bracket on Instagram. (Screenshot)

Occasionally, members of Congress are just like the rest of us.  

Wander around the Capitol the next few weeks and you're just as likely if not more  to see TVs tuned to the NCAA tournament as to C-SPAN or cable news. And this year, some top lawmakers are having their brackets put to the test in a Yahoo! group arranged by friend of HOH and Roll Call alumna Meredith Shiner.  

Senators Blast NCAA, ESPN in Review of College Athletics (Video)

Rockefeller criticized ESPN at a hearing on the NCAA and student-athletes last week, saying the network was "undermining our commitment to education." (CQ Roll Call File Photo)

A century-old debate over the commercialization of college athletics is under renewed scrutiny on Capitol Hill. Lawmakers could face the issue in the coming months, and held little back when the leader of the NCAA testified recently before the Senate Commerce Committee.  

Senators hammered NCAA President Mark Emmert on July 9, as questions about student-athlete compensation, graduation rates, health care and sexual assault took center stage.