International relations

Jeff Flake in Zimbabwe to Monitor Historic Elections
Arizona Republican has longstanding connection to the region

Arizona Republican Sen. Jeff Flake posted a picture of of himself on the eve of Election Day in Zimbabwe. (Courtesy Sen. Jeff Flake via Twitter)

Sen. Jeff Flake’s work this week as an international observer in Zimbabwe’s historic election is part of a life-long connection to southern Africa.

The Arizona Republican served his Mormon mission in Zimbabwe and South Africa and later returned to the region as a professional, as executive director of Foundation for Democracy, which kept tabs on Namibia’s transition to democracy.

World Reacts to Trump
Some are shocked, some say the U.S. is getting what it deserves

Israel's Haaretz newspaper proclaimed that Donald Trump had completed his "hostile takeover" of the Republican Party. (Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty Images)

With Texas Sen. Ted Cruz dropping out of the presidential race and Donald Trump becoming the Republican Party's presumptive nominee, the world reacted with a bit of surprise and some chiding.  

In Germany, the left-leaning Die Tageszeitung's  headline translated to “unpleasant truths,” with the subhead: “Although it is hard to bear: Trump deserves this result. And the Republicans will get what they deserve.”