Heard on the Hill

Heard on the Hill This Week: Pence Borrows Reagan’s Bible

Perry’s ‘Fun on Your Couch’ Gaffe to Franken

In a lighter moment Thursday at Rick Perry’s confirmation hearing to be secretary of Energy, the former governor said to Sen. Al Franken “I hope you’re as fun on that dias as you were on your couch.”

Heard on the Hill This Week: The Saga of the Student Painting Heist

Throughout a week filled with heated confirmation hearings and a late-night vote-a-rama, one story continuously dogged Roll Call’s Heard on the Hill reporter Alex Gangitano: some lawmakers kept taking down a controversial student painting in the Cannon tunnel. Watch the video for a play-by-play from Gangitano.

Ryan Calls Ferguson Painting ‘Disgusting’ ]

Ferguson Painting Comes Down, Again

Clay Returns Controversial Ferguson Painting to Capitol (Video)

Heard on the Hill This Week: Swearing-In the 115th Congress

Heard on the Hill This Week: What’s the Post-Election Vibe in D.C.?