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Big Checks Strengthen Super PACs

Super PACs collect contributions in unlimited amounts for making independent expenditures, and new disclosure reports show some donors are willing to write a check for a quarter of a million dollars, or more.  

American Bridge 21st Century, a Democratic-oriented super PAC reported the following major donors: Mark Heising , investor, Medley Partners Management CA), $500,000; Ann Earhart , investor (CA) $400,000; Susie Buell , retired (CA) $250,000; Amy Fowler , author (NY) $250,000; and Phillip Ragon , founder, InterSystems (MA) $250,000.  

More Ads in Florida Push Independent Expenditures above $7.5 million

In the last several days, outside organizations have reported making almost a million dollars in independent expenditures to impact on the March 11th Florida special election. This raises the 2014 independent expenditure total for the race to over $7.5 million.