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Ryan Donated Thousands to Those Who Voted Against Him for Speaker


Most of those defectors were in the House Freedom Caucus — a group that includes roughly 40 of the House GOP's most conservative members who would have been unlikely to support anyone who was not an ideologically pure conservative as speaker.  

Ryan's Prosperity Action PAC — which doles out money to curry favor with his House colleagues — gave $35,000 spread among those five members who did not vote for him for speaker.  

House Freedom Caucus Skeptical of Ryan's Terms

The HFC is skeptical of Paul's demands. (Al Drago/CQ Roll call)

Paul D. Ryan's conditional announcement for speaker was immediately met with overwhelming support Tuesday evening, with the notable exception of one key constituency: The House Freedom Caucus.  

Among Ryan's conditions to run were two critical sticking points: that the HFC endorse him by Friday, and that the conference agrees to some changes on the motion to vacate the chair. As outlined in Jefferson's Manual, the vacate the chair procedure allows any member to offer a privileged resolution to get rid of the speaker, with only a majority vote required for the resolution to succeed. That power, the threat of which conservatives used to expedite Speaker John A. Boehner's exit, was an immediate point of contention for Freedom Caucus members.