Don Bacon

Ashford Shows Up Outside Paul Ryan Fundraiser for GOP Candidate
Nebraska Democrat has been downplaying party ID in conservative district

Nebraska Rep. Brad Ashford represents a district won by Mitt Romney in 2012. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call file photo)

Speaker Paul D. Ryan was in Omaha Wednesday, where he endorsed Republican Don Bacon in Nebraska's competitive 2nd District. 

But Bacon wasn't the only one who wanted some of Ryan's attention. Democratic Rep. Brad Ashford sent a letter to Ryan Wednesday welcoming him to the district and inviting him to meet.

Chamber of Commerce Endorses Nebraska Democrat
Pro-business group rarely backs Democrats for federal office

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce said Nebraska Rep. Brad Ashford "has put politics aside in order to deliver results." (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call file photo)

In a rare move, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce backed a Democrat for Congress on Monday.  

Nebraska Rep. Brad Ashford, one of this year's most vulnerable incumbents , earned the pro-business group's endorsement at an event in the state's 2nd District.