Roll Call Reviews Obama’s ‘The Final Year’: A Documentary on the Last Days of a West Wing Team

Roll Call editor Jason Dick shares his thoughts on “The Final Year,” an HBO documentary in theaters Jan. 19 that chronicles the outgoing Obama administration’s last year, focusing on its foreign policy efforts.

Meet Capitol Hill's 'Jesus Lady': A Consistent Presence Since 1979

She’s been a fixture on Capitol Hill for decades. Members of Congress, staffers, journalists and other community dwellers all know her and her signature mannequin — of Jesus. She’s Rita Warren, more commonly known around the Hill as Jesus Lady.

'Weiner' Walks Line Between 'Political Farce and Personal Tragedy'
Documentary on former Rep. Anthony Weiner opens in D.C. later this month

"Weiner" takes viewers inside the workings of his failed campaign for New York mayor. (Photo courtesy of "Weiner")

A new film opening in Washington May 27 documents the self-inflicted downfall of former New York Rep. Anthony Weiner as he runs for mayor of New York in 2013.  

“As the media descends and dissects his every move, Weiner desperately tries to forge ahead, but the increasing pressure and crippling 24-hour news coverage halt his political aspirations,” the film’s description reads.