Carlos Beruff

Murphy, Rubio, McCain Enter Tuesday's Primaries as Heavy Favorites
The establishment in both parties is expected to win big, yet again

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio is heavily favored to win his Republican primary contest against Carlos Beruff on Tuesday. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call file photo)

Leaders in the Republican and Democratic parties are expected to get their way Tuesday in a trio of marquee Senate primaries, each of which features an establishment-backed candidate who — by nearly all indications — will defeat a longshot challenger. 

In Arizona, Republican Sen. John McCain faces former state Sen. Kelli Ward in a race that pitted the longtime incumbent against a conservative firebrand. The veteran lawmaker appears to have a sizable advantage: A CNN/ORC poll released last week found McCain leading Ward 55 percent to 29 percent.

Ratings Changes in Two Top Senate Races
Mixed news for two of the most vulnerable Republican incumbents

Republican Sen. Marco Rubio's decision to seek re-election didn't change the rating in the Senate race in Florida. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call file photo)

While Donald Trump’s presidential campaign appears to be spinning wildly out of control most days and is potentially cratering from lack of support from GOP voters, Republican senators are trying to maintain some independence in order to weather the storm and keep the chamber in GOP hands.

With the conventions in the rearview mirror, the electoral landscape is settling in search of a new baseline for the general election sprint. Fresh polling conducted after the conventions shows that Trump is hemorrhaging Republican voters and thus getting crushed in the typical presidential swing states.

Rubio's GOP Primary Challenger Shows Up to Woo Delegates
Carlos Beruff attended the Republican National Convention while the incumbent senator stayed home

Beruff meets with Florida delegates (Alex Roarty/CQ Roll Call)

INDEPENDENCE, OHIO — It makes sense that, a day after GOP delegates nominated Donald Trump for president, a self-proclaimed political outsider would make a point of attending the Republican National Convention — while the GOP incumbent he’s running against conspicuously stayed home.  

That was the situation Carlos Beruff found himself  in Wednesday morning, when he arrived at the Florida delegation’s hotel (about 20 miles south of Cleveland). The wealthy home-builder is taking on Sen. Marco Rubio in the state’s Republican primary, and he was eager to press his case to delegates that — despite what polls say — he really can defeat the sitting senator.  

Is Carlos Beruff for Real?
GOP isn't sure if the Miami homebuilder poses a real threat to Marco Rubio

Carlos Beruff, center, is hoping to tap into the same anti-establishment fervor that propelled Donald Trump. (Courtesy Carlos Beruff for U.S. Senate)

Republicans say they know to what to expect from Marco Rubio as he prepares for Florida’s Aug. 30 Senate primary: Even if he’s a Johnny-come-lately to the race, they’re confident he has the built-in skill and resources to once again become a formidable candidate.  

They’re less certain about what to make of Rubio’s stubborn new rival, Carlos Beruff.  

Rubio Opponent Postpones Releasing Finances
'Little Trump of Florida' Carlos Beruff is self-funding his Senate campaign

Carlos Beruff, center, is willing to spend up to $15 million in his campaign for the Florida Senate seat. (Courtesy Carlos Beruff for U.S. Senate Facebook page)

A Republican real estate mogul is delaying the release of his financial records while running for office. But its not the one you might be thinking of.   

Carlos Beruff, who is running against incumbent Marco Rubio for the Republican Senate nomination in Florida, was granted an extension  on filing his financial disclosure forms, The Bradenton Herald reported.  

Another Florida Republican Bows Out of Senate Race, Endorses Rubio
Todd Wilcox says Rubio is best positioned to keep the seat in GOP hands

Todd Wilcox ended his Florida Senate campaign Friday and endorsed incumbent Sen. Marco Rubio. (Courtesy Todd Wilcox for U.S. Senate Facebook page)

Former CIA officer Todd Wilcox ended his Republican campaign for the Florida Senate seat Friday morning and endorsed Sen. Marco Rubio two days after the incumbent decided to run for re-election .   

"Sen. Rubio and I don't agree on everything. We've traveled different paths, but I respect his grasp of the challenges we face and I appreciate the reality that he, as the incumbent, is best positioned to defeat either Patrick Murphy or Alan Grayson," Wilcox said in a statement on his Facebook page Friday morning.   

Is This the New Rubio Super PAC?
Fla. senator must raise cash quickly ahead of fast-approaching primary

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio announced Wednesday that he was running for re-election. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call file photo)

Does Marco Rubio's Senate campaign already have an accompanying super PAC?  

The Federal Election Commission reported Wednesday the creation of the Florida First Project , a new super PAC that listed a Tampa address.   

Consultants Sticking With Beruff Despite Rubio Run
Establishment GOP has pressured consultants who backed primary challengers to incumbents

Carlos Beruff, center, has already spent $4 million of his own money on his Florida Senate campaign. (Courtesy Carlos Beruff for U.S. Senate Facebook page)

Republicans have a well-known history of making life difficult for consultants working for candidates challenging incumbent lawmakers in primaries.   

But that won't deter the strategists working for Carlos Beruff, the Florida Senate candidate who made clear Wednesday that he will continue seeking the GOP nomination despite Marco Rubio's decision to run for re-election.  

Florida Republican Blames Luxury Car for Lead Foot
Senate hopeful feels the need for speed


Senate hopeful Carlos Beruff has been caught speeding five times over the past six years, a habit of flaunting traffic laws that temporarily cost him his license in 2010.  

Senate GOP Candidate: Florida Voters Don't Want Rubio
Internal poll shows Carlos Beruff leading the GOP primary field

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio has come under pressure from Republican leaders to reconsider his decision to not run for re-election. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

A Republican Senate candidate in Florida is firing a warning shot at Sen. Marco Rubio and the party leaders trying to persuade him to run for re-election: GOP voters have already moved on.  

Carlos Beruff's campaign released an internal poll Tuesday showing the wealthy developer in a dead heat atop a five-man field for the GOP nomination. The survey, conducted by OnMessage Inc. pollster Wes Anderson, found Beruff winning 17 percent of the primary vote, higher than Rep. David Jolly 's 16 percent.