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Former Member of Congress Cashes In on Connections

A former member of Congress is reaping the benefits of his work as a member who focused on transportation industry issues and now does lobbying for transportation interest groups.  

Former Rep. Jerry Costello , D-Ill., who served 24 years on Congress, spent the entire time sitting on the House Transportation Committee overseeing railroad, highway, transit and aviation issues. A new investigation by the Better Government Association found that the connections he forged while in Congress, are now proving lucrative for Costello as a lobbyist for transportation businesses and interests.  

Office of Congressional Ethics Looking at Rep. Bobby Rush

A Congressman's handling of a $1 million grant and his campaign fund expenditures are being probed by the Office of Congressional Ethics.  

Rep. Bobby Rush , D-Ill., acknowledged  the inquiry and stated, "I've been cooperative," according to the Chicago Sun-Times. The Congressman's campaign committee, Citizens for Rush, is paying the Dickstein Shapiro law firm for legal services. His attorney is Scott Thomas , former chairman of the Federal Election Commission.