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Podcast: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Times in Obama's 'Final Year'
Political Theater, Episode 2

Watch: ‘The Final Year’ Captures the Personal Narrative of Global Politics

“The Final Year,” director Greg Barker’s documentary about a year in the life of the Obama administration’s foreign policy team, opens this Friday in theaters. It traces 2016 through the eyes of Secretary of State John Kerry, U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power, National Security Adviser Susan Rice, Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes and, of course President Barack Obama as they navigate the challenges of high-stakes diplomacy in an election year.

Don't Expect Controversial Obama Aide to Testify
Democrats expect GOP to hold Iran hearing with or without Ben Rhodes

President Barack Obama watches as actors perform Shakespeare's Hamlet at the Globe Theatre in London in April with White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest, center, and Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes. (Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images file photo)

Expect Ben Rhodes ’ chair in a House hearing room to be empty next Tuesday when a Republican-run committee examines the Obama administration’s nuclear deal with Iran.  

Rhodes, President Barack Obama ’s deputy national security adviser for strategic communications, caused a ruckus in Washington when a New York Times Magazine article described him as crafting a faux narrative about the Iran deal. The piece describes Rhodes’ role as leading a messaging effort to describe the accord as a way to push Iranian moderates into power.