Twerking Outside the Capitol for Orlando
Werk for Peace activists danced to Lady Gaga's "Born This Way"

To honor the Orlando nightclub shooting victims, LGBT activists created a nightclub of their own outside the Capitol on Thursday.  

The newly formed group, Werk For Peace, organized the flash mob-style group dance for its first event.  

Tom Morello Rages Against TPP
Activists plan free concerts in protest of 'toxic backroom deal'

(Fight for the Future)

Add rock stars — including socially conscious guitarist Tom Morello — to the list of those opposed to the politically charged Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty Congress has yet to ratify.  

Morello, a founding member of the activist band Rage against the Machine who is currently storming across the country on the Prophets of Rage’s “Make America Rage Again” tour , is pulling double duty this summer as co-creator of the nascent Rock Against the TPP movement .