Kaptur, Marcy

Power Brokers Preview: Longest-serving Woman in the House Sticks by Sanders, for Now

For the longest-serving woman in the House of Representatives, who also happens to be a Democrat, Hillary Clinton’s historic moment on Tuesday night was not exactly an unalloyed joy. That’s because Rep. Marcy Kaptur, of Ohio, was an ardent supporter of Bernie Sanders – and still is.

So how did she feel, watching a woman in her party become the first female to secure any major party’s presidential nomination – while also watching her chosen candidate fall short?

Power Brokers: Kaptur on Sanders’ Campaign, Clinton’s Historic Moment

Congresswoman: Sanders Wouldn’t Want His Supporters Voting for Trump

With Secretary Hillary Clinton now the presumptive Democratic nominee, supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders have to adjust to the likely reality of Clinton vs. Donald Trump in November. Asked about Sanders supporters who may hop on the Trump train, long-time Sanders fan Rep. Marcy Kaptur said the Vermont Senator “wouldn’t want that to happen.”

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