John Kirby

US Anticipates Iran Will Participate in Syria Talks

State Department Spokesman John Kirby confirmed on Tuesday that the U.S. “anticipates” Iran to take part in the multilateral talks on Syria scheduled for the end of this week in Vienna, but would not comment on if the U.S. officially invited Iran.

State Department: No Gaps in Clinton Emails

After the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch announced five months of gaps in Hillary Rodham Clinton's released emails, State Department Spokesperson John Kirby told reporters there were no gaps, aside from the first few months of Clinton’s tenure when she was using a different email address.

State Department Really Doesn't Want to Use the Word 'Deadline' in Iran Talks
"I could go on, but why bother?" 

Reporters and State Department spokesman John Kirby seemed equally frustrated Tuesday in a back-and-forth over the Iran nuclear negotiations that took up nearly half of the 40 minute presser.

CNN's Elise Labott along with other reporters tried to nail down the willingness of those involved in the negotiations to stay at the table with continuing extensions of lifting of restrictions on Iran. Kirby made it quite clear that there were no "deadlines" that were surpassed, but only extensions continually being extended to keep Iran at the negotiating table. Exchanges about semantics and eye-rolling peppered the escalating exchanges until finally Labott concluded she wouldn't ask any more questions. "Why bother?" she asked.