Obama, Netanyahu Aim to Get Past Iran Deal Tension

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President Barack Obama said Monday it's time he and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu get past their "strong disagreement" over the Iran nuclear deal and work toward "blunting destabilizing activities" in Iran that threaten Israel.  

The two leaders, joined by Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and senior aides, huddled for several hours in the Oval Office in their first face-to-face meeting in more than a year. Both spoke briefly before their closed-door meeting about working together to quell violence in the Palestinian territories, bolstering Israel’s military and combating the Islamic State terror group.  

Obama Calls Netanyahu as White House Eyes U.N. Shift (Updated)

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Updated 5:36 p.m. | The United States may no longer be Israel's protector at the United Nations, Press Secretary Josh Earnest indicated Thursday.  

After Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's pre-election comments disavowing a two-state solution and decrying Arab voters during the election, the White House is actively re-evaluating its past actions on behalf of Israel at the U.N. and elsewhere, Earnest said. He didn't go into specifics, such as whether the United States would back a resolution recognizing Palestine as a state. But the implied threat of that kind of action is clear. President Barack Obama later called Netanyahu to congratulate him on his victory.  

Obama Riffs on Netanyahu, Iran, NSA, Ukraine (Updated)

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Updated 2:04 p.m. | President Barack Obama zinged Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu repeatedly at a news conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel Monday.  

The press corps chuckled when Obama suggested Merkel wouldn’t have been a part of trying to get a meeting two weeks before her election, a nod to the timing of Netanyahu's speech to Congress later this year.  

Democrat Wants Obama to Stop the 'Chickenshit' Sideshows

Cardin isn't happy with the anonymous insults about Netanyahu from Obama administration officials. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

The "chickenshit" continues to hit the fan in Congress. A senior Democratic senator wants President Barack Obama to hold whoever anonymously insulted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accountable.

“The only parties that benefit from anonymous sources making inappropriate comments about one of America’s closest allies are those who want to weaken the unified, bipartisan support for Israel in both the legislative and executive branches of our government," said Maryland Senator Ben Cardin of the anonymous quotes published by The Atlantic. "The leaks and side-shows need to end; those responsible should be held accountable.” In a statement, Cardin, a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, said the ties between the two countries remains strong:

Obama Wants 'Immediate' Cease-Fire in Gaza