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Pesticides Unfairly Targeted For Pollinator Decline | Letter to the Editor

The National Cotton Council of America (NCC) appreciates the Rep. John Conyers Jr.’s concern for the relationship between honeybee colony health and U.S. economic and food security (Why Congress Should Care About the Beepocalypse, Roll Call, April 7, 2014). While cotton is one of many crops that does not require the assistance of bees for pollination, the NCC, along with many other agricultural organizations, industries and non-government organizations, continue to seek scientific causes of the decline in honeybee health. Leading scientists, including Dr. Jeff Pettis to whom the congressman referred, have conducted many studies seeking the cause of the honey bee decline and have reported in many open forums that pesticides are only one of many possible factors contributing to the decline in honeybee health. In USDA’s Report on the National Stakeholders Conference on Honeybee Health (October 15–17, 2012), Pettis reported, “No single silver bullet will solve the problems affecting honeybees and other pollinators.” Similar information was provided in an earlier Congressional Report identifying the multiple factors contributing to the decline in honeybee health.

Health and Wellness Are Top FDA Priorities | Letter to the Editor

A recent Roll Call commentary (Congress, FDA Need to Act to Protect College Students, Roll Call, March 20th) indicated that the FDA has inappropriately delayed access to a meningococcal serogroup B (or MenB) vaccine in the United States. This assertion is false. In fact, the FDA is committed to responding rapidly to public health threats.

Fund Veterans Programs by Cutting Waste | Letter to the Editor

The veterans programs in President Barack Obama’s budget (Obama’s $3.9 Trillion Budget Takes More Realistic Approach, Roll Call, March 4, 2014) offer some of the best opportunities for bipartisan cooperation. Both parties say that we need to fix our services for veterans. Too many young veterans have no jobs. Veterans make up a disproportionate percentage of the homeless. And despite their efforts to process claims for disability benefits faster, the VA is still struggling to eliminate a backlog of nearly 400,000 claims.

It's Time to Finish Ike's Memorial | Letter to the Editor

In a recent opinion piece appearing in these pages, (“It’s Time to Bury Frank Gehry’s Eisenhower Memorial,” Feb. 3) the Eisenhower Memorial project was attacked with the same old false criticisms, by the same old “nattering nabobs of negativism.” The debate over the memorial to a great American has descended into a highly orchestrated partisan and ideological sideshow — embarrassing to our country and the legacy of a great American hero.

Call Me Maybe? | Letter to the Editor

In the Feb. 12 “Heard on the Hill” piece titled “Did the RNC Steal Its Beats for Anti-Senate Dems Ad From B.o.B and 2Chainz?” (Roll Call, Feb. 12, 2014) your publication insinuated that the Republican National Committee stole intellectual property for a series of ads.

U.S. Postal Service Responds | Letter to the Editor

Mary Berner, CEO of the Association of Magazine Media, recently asserted in Roll Call (“Don’t Give the USPS a Blank Check to Exploit Its Monopoly Powers: Return This Bill to Sender,” Jan. 29) that legislation pending in the Senate would provide the Postal Service with “unchecked, unprecedented power to charge Americans whatever it wants for its services.” Leaving aside the hyperbole, the underlying sentiment is simply untrue. Indeed, from even the most modest understanding of our public policy challenges, the idea that the Postal Service would emerge “unchecked” from any legislative outcome is laughable.

MEADS Can Offer New Capabilities | Letter to the Editor

We take issue with retired Maj . Gen. Francis Mahon’s view that Patriot should remain the foundational element of Army air and missile defense capability (“Envisioning the Army’s Air and Missile Defense,” Roll Call, Jan. 6, 2014). As it nears the end of its development program, Medium Extended Air Defense System has already demonstrated new capabilities Army leaders have sought since Operation Iraqi Freedom, and several basic fire units have been built. It’s appropriate to examine what has been gained, and what could be lost.

Compounded Drugs Should Be Regulated | Letter to the Editor

In the Oct. 9 opinion piece “Drug Safety Bill Puts Urgent Treatment in Jeopardy,” Craig H. Kliger argues that the Drug Quality and Security Act (DQSA, H.R. 3204) would limit eye doctors’ access to drugs compounded in pharmacies. To the contrary, this legislation would improve the safety of these medicines.

Menu Labeling Regulations Need Revision | Letter to the Editor

Rep. Rosa DeLauro and Sen. Tom Harkin’s Sept. 16 piece, “Menu Labeling Will Empower Americans to Make Healthy Choices,” inadvertently proves just how menu labeling regulations, currently under review at the Food and Drug Administration, need to be rewritten so they are applied as intended.

Chemical Safety Improvement Act Is Major Improvement | Letter to the Editor

Alex Formuzis’ opinion piece on the Senate Chemical Safety Improvement Act is little more than a character assassination of one of the legislation’s sponsors rather than an examination on the merits of the bill.

Make Supply Chain Efficiency and Patient Safety a Reality | Letter to the Editor

In Jim Greenwood’s July 1 commentary, “Nationwide Track and Trace System Urgently Needed,” he emphasized the importance of establishing a federal pharmaceutical traceability system to protect patients and create greater efficiencies in health care. The Healthcare Distribution Management Association and the nation’s 32 primary pharmaceutical distributors could not agree more.

J Street's Endorsement a Sign of Growing Influence | Letter to the Editor

“Durbin Accepts Endorsement from Pro-Peace Pro-Israel J Street” (Roll Call, April 30) is great news for all of us in the American Jewish community who support a two-state resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and U.S. leadership to help achieve it.

Lynn: Choice Rests With Schools, Not Parents

Kevin P. Chavous’ recent Guest Observer (“Congress Is Getting It Wrong on Parental School Choice,” April 5) is little more than a propaganda piece for the forces that seek to privatize elementary and secondary education in America.

Hitt and Dillen: Green Groups and Industry Agree We Need to Solve Coal Ash Problem Now

In an April 1 Roll Call op-ed, “McCarthy’s Work at EPA Should Start With Backing Off Coal Ash,” Kirk Benson, the chairman and CEO of Headwaters Inc., America’s largest manager and marketer of building products made from coal fly ash, called out the Environmental Protection Agency for the needless and self-inflicted delay of its rule-making to establish national standards for the disposal of coal ash, the second-largest industrial waste stream in the nation. We could not agree more.

International Red Cross Responds on Syria

We at International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) fully agree that much more humanitarian assistance is needed to address the immense suffering of the Syrian population. However, Megan Scully and Jonathan Broder provide a distorted view of our action in the country when stating that much of our assistance “has gone to Assad’s supporters” (Military Contingency Planning Under Way for Syria Intervention, March 19).

Cavin: Yesterday's Patriot Falls Short of Today's Requirements

In laying out a case for Patriot (“What the Patriot Missile Deployment to Turkey Tells Us About Future Weapons Procurement in an Age of Austerity,” Roll Call, Feb. 21), John Hulsman failed to consider the Army’s now-urgent air and missile defense requirements. A war is being waged over the Army’s future relevance in AMD as U.S. defense strategy rebalances toward potential conflicts in Asia. Without existing bases, U.S. forces must become more agile and expeditionary, as will the weapon systems they employ.

Boykin: The Sequester Will Weaken Nuclear Defenses

Lawmakers minimizing the threat from sequestration (“Lawmakers Say Sequester Replacement Plan Slipping to Late March,” Feb. 2) must have been sleeping when North Korea exploded a nuclear bomb last week, defying a slew of U.N. resolutions and America’s secretary of State.

Petricone: Expo Provides Lawmakers With a Valuable Look at New Technology

Unfortunately, your recent article (“Aides Take Advantage of Rules to Extend Trips,” Feb. 5) on congressional staff travel to the International Consumer Electronics Show omits the very reasons that policymakers come to CES in the first place.

Khan: Congress Should Pay More Attention to Social Media

We applaud Roll Call’s article, “More Members Are Using Social Media to Interact With Their Constituents” (Jan. 3, 2013).




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