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Guest Observer Archive

Congress: Get Rail Funding Back on Track | Commentary

By Karen E. Torrent

Online-Only Sale of Savings Bonds Leaves Many Low-Income Americans with No Savings Options | Commentary

By Rep. Matt Cartwright

Applauding the 21st Century Cures Initiative | Commentary

By Sara Radcliffe

House Must Pass Trade Promotion Authority | Commentary

As former chairmen and ranking members of the House Ways and Means Committee, each of us has been part of extensive trade negotiations. None of us has ever seen Trade Promotion Authority legislation as robust and transparent as the one before Congress today. We urge our former colleagues to support TPA when it is considered in the House and deliver a win for American workers and the national economy.

Bringing Congress Together to Make America More Competitive in the 21st Century | Commentary

The hallmark of our nation’s economy has long been the ability of anyone with creativity, ambition and a good work ethic to realize their dreams and move America forward. From the light bulb to the iPhone, the legacy of American invention has shone brightly throughout the world. Yet while our culture of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit remain strong, the policy framework that empowers that spirit to flourish is losing its competitive edge.

Get Putin Out of Our Rockets | Commentary

By J. Michael Barrett

Numbers Don't Lie: Crude Exports Are in Americans' Best Interest | Commentary

Everyone knows Washington loves to study an issue to death and a lengthy study period can be fully justified when venturing into unknown territory. While it is important Congress not rush blindly into new policies, being too cautious can risk letting a golden opportunity slip through one’s fingers. For example, take the debate over ending the policy banning exports of U.S. crude oil which has been center stage on Capitol Hill recently.

Puerto Rico Needs Reform, Not Bankruptcy | Commentary

To allow a poorly managed government to rid itself of its financial obligations is ethically and practically misguided. A Chapter 9 solution to Puerto Rico’s economic and financial woes, as the House Judiciary Committee is contemplating via HR 870, is ill-conceived on several grounds. First and foremost, the bill’s passage would override with retroactive effect the bond indentures of the millions of investors throughout the United States who — like me — have bought Puerto Rico’s bonds, mostly through mutual funds. HR 870 would give carte blanche to the Commonwealth to break its solemn pledge that our bonds would be paid in accordance with the laws and contracts under which they were issued.

Presidential Election Offers Opportunity for Republicans to Lead on Climate | Commentary

By James Dozier

Trade Promotion Authority Vote Shifts Power to Hill | Commentary

Legendary executive management professor and writer Peter Drucker once said leadership is defined by results, not attributes. The trade debate currently occupying much of Washington’s focus shows how right Drucker was — and what that says about where the center of leadership is in Washington today.

Why Is U.S. Economic Growth So Disappointing? | Commentary

The pile of bad news about the state of the U.S. economy is getting bigger, not smaller, and that’s a problem for all Americans. We might consider these recent news items:

Small Businesses Are Threatened by Current Regulatory Environment | Commentary

By Travis Childers

USDA Announcement Shows Need for Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act | Commentary

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s recent decision to certify a company’s process to develop corn free of genetically modified organisms is being wrongly interpreted in that the agency has broad authority to establish standards for GMO or non-GMO labeling of food. The USDA’s decision actually spotlights the limitations currently facing the agency, and the need for congressional action on this issue.

What the Rolling Stones Teach Us About No Child Left Behind | Commentary

When the Rolling Stones wrote “You Can’t Always Get What You Want,” Congress was probably not in mind. Yet lawmakers have traded in this basic credo — and the bipartisanship that comes with it — for a “my way or the highway” approach that breeds legislative gridlock. That’s why many in the education community were stunned last month, when senators unanimously approved out of committee a compromise K-12 education bill updating No Child Left Behind.

Congress Can Honor Servicemembers Through Military Whistleblower Bill | Commentary

By Tom Devine and Shanna Devine

The Elephant in the Room for Centrist Fiscal Hawks | Commentary

By Harry Stein

Science Denial: It's Not Just a Republican Problem | Commentary

Daytime TV host Dr. Mehmet Oz apologized this month for pushing fake weight loss supplements and junk science “miracle cures” on his show. This comes as no surprise to many observers in Washington, D.C. — as a Senate committee grilled him about that last June. Unfortunately, followers of Dr. Oz are only the latest victims of an increasing trend of manipulating science to fit an agenda — and the public policy world is incredibly susceptible.

The Real Security Threat: Big Money in Politics | Commentary

An ordinary man sees an opportunity to try to make a difference in this country. Surrounded by cynicism for political reform and shady dealings between heavyweight political donors, he calculates drastic action must take place to get not only the American public to pay attention, but also for the system to change.

Congress Needs to Act Now to Help Puerto Rico | Commentary

By Cristóbal J. Alex

Speaking the Truth to Stop Racism Against Native Americans | Commentary

The United States’ historically racist Indian affairs policy cost Native Americans millions of lives and millions of acres of land. At a recent hearing, Rep. Norma J. Torres, D-Calif., acknowledged the devastation wrought by the allotment policy on American-Indian nations and tribes. She is our new hero in Native American country.




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