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Guest Observer Archive

Giving Women Better Access to Health Care | Commentary

By Reps. Renee Ellmers and Blake Farenthold

What Happened to the Africans? | Commentary

By Rep. Karen Bass

What Will Become of Health Care if Hillary Is President? | Commentary

By Rep. Michael C. Burgess

Now Is the Time for Congress to Strengthen Email Privacy Laws | Commentary

This week, the Senate Judiciary Committee will meet to consider legislation introduced by Sens. Mike Lee, R-Utah, and Patrick J. Leahy, D-Vt., to fix a law that time and technology have made incompatible with its original purpose.

Lending Programs Key to Restoring Rural America | Commentary

In its most recent “Rural America at a Glance,” the Department of Agriculture found that, “while the U.S. economy is now in its sixth year of recovery from the Great Recession of 2007-’09, its performance remains weak in some respects, and this is especially true in rural areas.” The report goes on to say the unemployment rate has fallen in rural areas, but due only to a decline in the labor force participation. In other words, Americans living in small towns and rural environments have given up on finding work.

Roll Call: 60 Years as an Institution | Commentary

For 60 years, Roll Call has brought all the news of Capitol Hill — from the monumental, national stories to the in-depth campus tidbits — right to our office doors, Republican and Democrat alike.

Congress Must Do More for Bilingual Education | Commentary

By Karla del Rosal

Congress Speaks: Tricare's Sweeping Action Hurts Veterans | Commentary

The House of Representatives took a stand against Tricare to protect veterans’ medical interests and ensure they have access to necessary medications.

Don't Cut Corners on Veterans' Hearing Care | Commentary

If you need a heart stent, you go to a cardiologist. If you tear your ACL, you go to an orthopedist. If you have hearing difficulties, you go to an audiologist.

No Silver Bullet to Closing the Racial Wealth Divide | Commentary

By Jeremie Greer

End the Ban on Federal Funding for Needle Exchange Programs | Commentary

By Monica S. Ruiz and Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton

Energy Consumers Are Speaking. Will the Administration Listen? | Commentary

By Lance Brown

Risks Are Too Great Not to Endorse Iran Deal | Commentary

Nine of our former congressional colleagues joined us last week in announcing our support for the international weapons agreement between the P5+1 nations and Iran. In a full-page ad in The New York Times, we wrote that the joint comprehensive plan of action halts the immediate threat of a nuclear-armed Iran. Rejecting the deal is unlikely to lead to stronger restrictions on the Iranian nuclear program, but would instead leave Iran within two to three months of developing a nuclear weapon.

Enforce 'Conflict of Interest' Rule for Financial Advisers, Save Retirees | Commentary

Those trying to do the right thing by saving for retirement — and seeking professional help to do so — deserve investment advice in their best interest. The most fundamental obligation of a financial professional should be to put their customers’ interests ahead of their own and those of their firm. “Fiduciary” is the legal term for a financial professional who is held to the highest standard of conduct under the law for advice they provide to people saving for retirement.

Lessons from Hurricane Katrina: Ten Years Later | Commentary

By David Vanderpool

Improving 2016 Office Performance | Commentary

As congressional offices approach the final quarter of 2015, the dreaded topic of “performance reviews” raises its ugly head. The topic is dreaded in Congress for a few reasons that could include: employees perceive it as unfair, a grading of their work akin to a first-grade report card; managers view it as an annoying requirement with no connection to office goals, or; offices avoid them completely, leaving staff frustrated without any clear and meaningful feedback on their work.

Back the JCPOA, but Strengthen Deterrence Against Iran | Commentary

By Howard Berman

A Needed Step Toward Fair Pay and Workplace Safety | Commentary

By Sen. Patty Murray

The Looming Budget Showdown on Capitol Hill | Commentary

By Laicie Heeley




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