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The Underutilized Power of Storytelling in Congress | Commentary

Despite my deep admiration for members of Congress and staff for their dedication, hard work and sense of public service, I am continually amazed that many of them are lousy communicators. Oh, they make grand campaign commercials for the elections and wow their audiences with marvelous stump speeches. Then they seem to turn in those winning strategies when they come to Congress and exchange them for talking points, spreadsheets and charts as their tools of choice in the democratic dialogue

Iran Terrorism Bill Won’t Help U.S. Hostages | Commentary

By Sarah Shourd

Republican Strategy Is a Default, Plain and Simple | Commentary

The Republican majority in Congress has said that the inability to govern is following the same failed strategy time and again. Yet, once again House Republicans are putting the full faith and credit of the United States at risk. Their repeated behavior is reckless and irresponsible, and has had real consequences.

Congress Must Fix our Maritime Double Standard | Commentary

Earlier this month, five Chinese naval warships entered U.S. territorial waters off the coast of Alaska. In acknowledging the transit of these vessels, the United States made clear we viewed this action as well within the rights of China — and any other nation — to conduct innocent passage through the legitimately established territorial seas and nonthreatening military activities within the exclusive economic zone of another country.

Seeing Through the Politics of EB-5 Reform | Commentary

By Jeff Carr

Iran Deal's Premise Is Wrong — They Likely Have a Bomb | Commentary

President Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran is not just a bad deal. It is the worst deal possible — because there is a good chance Iran already has a bomb.

Solving School Lunch Program Fraud, Washington Style | Commentary

Five federal employees were charged in August with theft and fraud for falsifying documents to qualify their children for free lunch at Prince George’s County, Md., public schools. The alleged fraudsters — all employees of the Government Accountability Office — were discovered after an audit into the National School Lunch Program by the very federal agency for which they work.

Include Poland In the Visa Waiver Program | Commentary

Poland is America’s strongest ally in Central Europe. Russia’s incursion into Ukraine, and its aggressive stance towards the region generally, makes America’s alliance relationships in the region more important than ever. To strengthen it’s relationship with Poland at this crucial time, America should include it in the Visa Waiver Program.

Honor the 'Golden Rule' for Our School Children and Keep Nutritious Food | Commentary

By Paul Slack, Steven Delzer, Marcus Lohrmann and Brant Copeland

Our Chance to Reach Every Mother and Child | Commentary

By Joanne Carter

Wildfires Are National Disasters | Commentary

The 2015 wildfire season has been brutal. In mid-August the national wildland fire preparedness level was raised to the highest level and the National Interagency Fire Center mobilized active duty military personnel to fight wildfires for the first time in almost a decade. Millions of acres are burning in the drought-plagued West — more than twice as many as last year — and the Forest Service anticipates suppression costs will exceed the budget by nearly a half a billion dollars.

With the Pope's Visit, Congress Has Opportunity to Think Big Again | Commentary

As our economy continues to recover and more Americans are getting back on their feet, many families are still struggling and worried about the future. Income inequality, poverty and hunger continue to be among the greatest challenges we face today and for too many families, these are holding them back from achieving their dreams.

Another Fiscal Year, Another Financial Hole | Commentary

By Sheila Weinberg

Right Moves on Bahrain | Commentary

By Brian Dooley

The Pope Gives Me Climate Hope | Commentary

By William Snape

Hunger Doesn't Take a Summer Vacation | Commentary

Even though the school year is now underway for America’s school children, what those kids eat during the summer is up for debate as Congress reconsiders reauthorization of the Child Nutrition Act.

Congress Needs to Reauthorize the Land and Water Conservation Fund Now | Commentary

A lot happened in America 50 years ago. In 1965, astronaut Ed White became the first American to walk in space, Bob Dylan transformed folk music with the electric guitar and the revolutionary Ford Mustang entered its first full year of production. All of these events have had a lasting impact on American culture and contributed to our standing as an innovative and exceptional nation.

Time to Drain the Patent Troll Swamp in East Texas | Commentary

By Chuck Muth

It’s Time to Build Up HUD’s HOME Program, Not Tear It Down | Commentary

By Christopher S. “Kit” Bond and Henry Cisneros

It’s Time for Congress to Go Big on Criminal Justice Reform | Commentary

By Sarah Trumble




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