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Guest Observer Archive

Republican Budget Resolutions Rely on Tired Gimmicks | Commentary

By Elizabeth G. Taylor

Politics Needs Privacy | Commentary

By Luke Wachob

LIHEAP Funding Critical for Vulnerable Populations | Commentary

By Helen Holton

No Time for Strategic Patience; Azerbaijan As an Example | Commentary

By Gregory T. Kiley

Proposed Regulation Could Hurt the American Consumers it is Supposed to Protect | Commentary

By H. West Richards

How Congress Can Support the Internet of Things | Commentary

By Gary Shapiro

STEM Fields: Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow | Commentary

While Americans hear mostly about gridlock and partisan fighting in Congress, the issues with strong bipartisan support often get overlooked.

Racing to Better Health in Oklahoma City | Commentary

When the clock struck noon on April 22, 1889, approximately 50,000 people raced to claim settlements across 2 million open acres comprising present-day Oklahoma. By the time the sun set that evening, the population of Oklahoma City had gone from zero to 10,000 and was on its way to becoming the capital of our great state.

Americans Facing New Hurdles to File This Tax Season with Elimination of Printed Tax Guide | Commentary

By Ken McEldowney

This Tax Season, Don’t Forget Your Use Tax | Commentary

By Jody L. Padar

Sasse, McHenry Bills Target Amnesty Payouts | Commentary

By Jenny Beth Martin

Small-Dollar Installment Loans Belie One Size Fits All Regulatory Scheme | Commentary

By Howard Beales and Anand Goel

Stop Feeding the Trolls | Commentary

By Mark Griffin

Abusing a Congressional Small Business Program: Paving the Road to Hell | Commentary

By Ev Ehrlich

Let's Embrace Life-Saving Personal Safety Technology the Way We Embrace Photo-Sharing Apps | Commentary

No commuter should die on a smoke-filled train because of inadequate communication between victims and first responders.

Ethics Committees Take Their Missions Seriously, So Should Congress and Staffers | Commentary

In the middle of a highly charged atmosphere on Capitol Hill, there is one center of bipartisanship in each chamber of Congress that remains above politics: the Ethics committees. And while they do most of their work outside the political theater with good reason, there is evidence of their productivity in little reported documents, in compliance with rigorous disclosure regimes and in the fact that so many members have resigned before the conclusion of ethics investigations.

Reauthorize CHIP to Strengthen Dental Safety Net for Kids | Commentary

By Paul O. Walker

Congress: Protect ANWR from Alaska's Greed | Commentary

President Barack Obama showed great leadership in announcing his intent to protect our nationís vanishing wild, natural capital by recommending that Congress protect 12.28 million acres of Alaskaís Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as wilderness. Congress has been busy talking about the decision during this monthís budget hearings, and we likely havenít heard the end of it.

Trade Policies That Work for America's Farmers and Ranchers | Commentary

Agriculture is a cornerstone of our national economy, supporting 16 million jobs both on and off the farm. American farmers and ranchers are the most innovative and productive in the world, providing us with the safest, most abundant and most affordable food supply in the world.

Repairing Traumatic Brain Injury | Commentary

By Amanda Bowman




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