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Bridging the Innovation Valley of Death | Commentary

Is Wall Street’s influence in corporate boardrooms killing America’s innovation future? There’s a good case to be made that it is, and that it’s getting worse. But Congress can do something about it when it rewrites the tax code.

Civil Forfeiture Finds A Champion | Commentary

By Robert Everett Johnson

As Ocean Drilling Expands, Obama Administration Turns Blind Eye to Offshore Fracking | Commentary

By Kristen Monsell

Does Apathy Trump Political Divisions? | Commentary

In 2014, Democrats defended Senate seats in seven states where President Barack Obama lost to Mitt Romney by an average margin of 16.5 percent in 2012. In the end, after approximately $4 billion spent, Democratic candidates lost those races by an average margin of 15.7 points — about a 1 percent difference from the presidential two years earlier. Democratic candidates outperformed the president’s job performance in nearly all of these states, but it wasn’t enough. Voters still tied congressional candidates to the president, and presidential and congressional voting converged like never before.

Trade and Competitiveness: Investing in Our Country to Compete in the Global Economy | Commentary

The United States is negotiating a Trans- Pacific Partnership trade agreement with 11 other countries on four continents that border the Pacific Ocean. The 12 countries are all members of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, a regional economic forum that supports sustainable economic growth and prosperity in the Asia- Pacific region, and they include the world’s largest and third largest economies, emerging economies and a command economy. Together, they represent 40 percent of world gross domestic product and 11 percent of the world’s population.

The Growing Movement Fighting Big Money in Politics | Letter to the Editor

By Larry Cohen and Michael Brune

FCC Budget and Standards Deserve Congressional Attention | Commentary

By Andrew Langer

Don’t Give Short Shrift to Short Sellers! | Letter to the Editor

By Sally Greenberg

End the Catfish-Inspection Boondoggle | Commentary

Leave it to Washington to create a multimillion-dollar solution to a nonexistent problem that requires the creation of a new bureaucracy, all for the sole purpose of increasing the profits of a small number of catfish farmers. Kafka would understand, but U.S. taxpayers should be angry.

Made in America Depends on Being Mined in America | Commentary

As global demand for minerals increases — driven by rising population, urbanization and more modern-day gadgets and electronics — to be “Made in America” will increasingly require more minerals be mined in America.

Why All Methods of FDA-Approved Birth Control Must Be Covered by Insurance | Commentary

Over the past few years, millions of women have gone to the pharmacy to fill their birth control prescription, or visited the doctor to have an intrauterine device inserted, and learned their birth control is fully covered, without a copayment. Some of these women used to pay hundreds of dollars a year out-of-pocket for birth control. But among the Affordable Care Act’s dramatic advancements for women’s preventive health is a provision that requires insurance companies to cover birth control without a copay.

After the NFL Decision, It's Time for Credit Unions to Stop Abusing the Tax Code | Commentary

Like any football fan and patriotic American, I’ve always been perplexed by why the National Football League and certain other big sports leagues are tax-exempt corporations, organized under a section of the tax code intended for trade associations, professional organizations and local chambers of commerce. The NFL has attracted a lot of criticism over the years for not paying taxes. A recent congressional report found that this tax exemption cost taxpayers $109 million over a decade.

A Historic Opportunity for Turkey and Armenia | Commentary

By Solomon P. Ortiz

From Beijing 1995 to Baku 2015, Women’s Rights Are Human Rights | Commentary

By Sevinj Fataliyeva

Congress, Help Combat Prescription Drug Abuse | Commentary

By Cynthia Reilly

States' Rights and Internet Gambling | Commentary

By Lyle Beckwith

America's Journey to Mars: The Time Is Now | Commentary

Shortly after dawn on Dec. 5, we watched in awe as the first launch in America’s new era of deep space exploration lit the skies.

D.C. Deserves Respect, Not Congressional Rebuke | Commentary

Religious liberty is, arguably, our most precious American value. We should vehemently protect this freedom when it is threatened.

Honor Selma by Restoring the Voting Rights Act | Commentary

By Leslie Proll

Republican Internet Bill is a Compromise Worth Making | Commentary

By Christopher D. Coursen




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