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Guest Observer Archive

The STRONG Patents Act Is a Death Squad for Innovation | Commentary

By Charles Duan

Chemical Safety Reform: We're Not There Yet | Commentary

“The perfect should not be the enemy of the good” is perhaps the most-repeated axiom you hear on Capitol Hill.

Innovation in an Age of Global Science | Commentary

Scientific research is dramatically more global in its practice and impact than it was just a decade ago. Whether the United States is able to capitalize effectively on new discoveries stemming from international collaborations will determine future economic growth and job creation in America.

The Right Way to Sanction Iran | Commentary

While lawmakers discuss how best to undo the nuclear deal President Barack Obama and his team have diligently pursued over the past 18 months, they leave fallow a far more important and positive area in which they could contribute: How to respond in the event a deal is not reached.

What Scott Walker Could Learn From Henry Clay | Commentary

By John Bicknell

The Conservative Business Case for Early Education Funding | Commentary

By Randy Laszewski

Without Immediate RFS, Biodiesel Industry Faces Uncertain Future | Commentary

By Anne Steckel

GOP Energy Plan Needs to Go a Step Further, Include Energy Exports | Commentary

By George David Banks

A Digital Music History Lesson | Commentary

By Mark Cooper

Home Visiting Is a Bipartisan Winner for Families and Communities | Commentary

Ask many people in law enforcement about their toughest days, and you’ll hear time and again how upsetting it is to be called to a home where children are being abused or neglected. Sometimes, the signs of violence and oppression come at the hands of adults who are willfully causing harm to their kids. Other times we encounter parents and caregivers who are simply overwhelmed with and unprepared for the stresses of raising young children. In many cases, the families are living in poverty, with parents who don’t have the education or life skills to be productive citizens.

Congress Must Bind Iran's Nuclear Program ... or Else | Commentary

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu didn’t spell out an effective way to block Iran’s path to the bomb in his address to Congress. If Netanyahu were more candid, he would acknowledge the only way to achieve his aims is through military strikes rather than negotiations. In this event, Iran would have far more reason to build nuclear weapons. If members of Congress who favor an agreement were candid, they would acknowledge it will weaken global norms for non-proliferation. If, however, Congress kills a deal that effectively constrains Iran’s nuclear capabilities, the consequences for proliferation will be far worse.

Time for Menendez to Stand Against TPP for the Sake of Latinos Nationwide | Commentary

By Arturo Carmona

The Foundation of Fair and Effective Tax Reform | Commentary

By Pete Sepp

Cooking Up Food Aid Reform | Commentary

As a chef, it’s my job to feed people delicious, fresh and nutritious food in a reasonable amount of time. Doing this well is often a race against the clock and it always requires working together.

The Never-Ending, Misguided GOP Attacks on the National Labor Relations Board | Commentary

There’s a little-known agency of the federal government that’s responsible for protecting two of our most sacred American values: workers’ rights and freedom of speech.

Are Fossil Fuels the Next Tobacco? They Should Be | Commentary

By Gary Cohen

Taking the Fight for the Middle Class to the States | Commentary

By Nick Rathod and Howard Dean

The Wrong Direction on Patents | Commentary

By Todd E. Gillenwater

Time for Full Investigations of Hillary Clinton | Commentary

By Kevin R. Kosar

Celebrate National Kidney Month by Supporting Bipartisan Kidney Care Legislation | Commentary

Approximately 50 years ago, kidney failure was a death sentence. Even considering that fact is unnerving. Today, more than 600,000 Americans are living with kidney failure — and a large majority of those lives are sustained by life-saving dialysis treatments. That’s hundreds of thousands of lives that would have been lost and hundreds of thousands of families that would have been broken apart before the invention and expansion of dialysis treatment.




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