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See photos from the 54th Annual Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game — slideshow sponsored by Grant Thornton LLP.

Guest Observer Archive

Saving America's Last Great Wilderness | Commentary

When the Obama administration announced in January it would ask Congress to designate 12.28 million acres of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as wilderness, millions of Americans rejoiced at the prospect of saving one of our last great wild landscapes.

A Revolving Door for Confidential IRS Information | Commentary

By Dan Epstein

Manufacturers Head to the Hill to Outline Ozone Fears | Commentary

A growing regulatory burden is poised to make this a long summer for the nationís manufacturers, so we kicked it off by recently bringing our concerns directly to our representatives in Washington.

‘Big Box’ Behemoths Would Crush Small Biz | Commentary

By Hamilton Davison

Propane Goes Beyond the Backyard | Commentary

By Rick Roldan

The Twofold Solution to Protect Our National Forests and Communities | Commentary

Nearly 60 million acres of our national forests are at risk of increasingly destructive wildfires, and experts agree the situation is getting worse each year.

Honoring World War II Merchant Marine Veterans | Commentary

A small group of heroes is walking the halls of Congress this week, proudly sharing memories of the work they and friends long gone did more than 70 years ago to help the Allied forces win World War II.

McCain is Right: Introduce Capitalism to the Defense Department | Commentary

By Seth Cropsey

Spike in West Africa Ebola Cases Shows Need to Address Underlying Health Care Needs | Commentary

On May 20, the World Health Organization reported a substantial increase in the weekly total of new Ebola cases in both Guinea and Sierra Leone and responded by deploying a response team. This comes in the shadow of the success in Liberia that was proclaimed to be Ebola-free in May, the result of a comprehensive response by President Barack Obama and his administration to invest in Liberiaís health care infrastructure. Although a lot of the attention to the U.S. response focused on the role of the American military, our response was actually much more thorough. The United States provided personal protective equipment, funded and trained medical workers, deployed laboratories, supported disease tracing and started a large-scale social messaging campaign to inform Liberians about practices to protect themselves from infection.

Charities Must Act Now to Mitigate Misguided Oversight | Commentary

By Steve Taylor

Turn the ACA's Biggest Failing Into a Win for Democrats | Commentary

By Ronald Klink

America Needs to Strengthen Biodefense Now | Commentary

The United Nations Security Council recently heard firsthand testimony from the victims of a chemical-weapons attack in Syria. A Syrian doctor spoke of his frantic efforts to treat more than 100 people who were hit by chlorine-filled bombs in the town of Sarmeen. Many were vomiting and suffering respiratory distress.

Transportation Matters to the Latino Community | Commentary

Pass by a bus stop in downtown Los Angeles and youíll see the faces of those waiting to use public transportation are diverse. Women, seniors, college students, African-Americans and Latinos take various forms of public transportation to get to work, school or even just to get connected to society.

Congress: Get Rail Funding Back on Track | Commentary

By Karen E. Torrent

Online-Only Sale of Savings Bonds Leaves Many Low-Income Americans with No Savings Options | Commentary

By Rep. Matt Cartwright

Applauding the 21st Century Cures Initiative | Commentary

By Sara Radcliffe

House Must Pass Trade Promotion Authority | Commentary

As former chairmen and ranking members of the House Ways and Means Committee, each of us has been part of extensive trade negotiations. None of us has ever seen Trade Promotion Authority legislation as robust and transparent as the one before Congress today. We urge our former colleagues to support TPA when it is considered in the House and deliver a win for American workers and the national economy.

Bringing Congress Together to Make America More Competitive in the 21st Century | Commentary

The hallmark of our nationís economy has long been the ability of anyone with creativity, ambition and a good work ethic to realize their dreams and move America forward. From the light bulb to the iPhone, the legacy of American invention has shone brightly throughout the world. Yet while our culture of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit remain strong, the policy framework that empowers that spirit to flourish is losing its competitive edge.

Get Putin Out of Our Rockets | Commentary

By J. Michael Barrett

Numbers Don't Lie: Crude Exports Are in Americans' Best Interest | Commentary

Everyone knows Washington loves to study an issue to death and a lengthy study period can be fully justified when venturing into unknown territory. While it is important Congress not rush blindly into new policies, being too cautious can risk letting a golden opportunity slip through oneís fingers. For example, take the debate over ending the policy banning exports of U.S. crude oil which has been center stage on Capitol Hill recently.




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