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Guest Observer Archive

Mr. President and Congress: Do Not Undermine Efforts to Combat Human Trafficking

By J. Herbert Nelson

Are Senators Blind to Disabled Workers? | Commentary

By Dewana Samuel

When Congress Shouldn’t Act: Let States Advance Economic Growth and Protect Consumers

By J. Gary Pretlow

Solving the Sanctuary Cities Problem | Commentary

Dangerous policies have deadly consequences. We were reminded of this recently when a young woman in San Francisco, Kathryn Steinle, was tragically murdered by an illegal immigrant. Every person who has weighed in on the recent killing of Steinle has described her death as tragic. And avoidable. Unfortunately, that is where agreement ends.

To Protect the Public Health, New Chemicals Must Be Found Safe Before Use | Commentary

Public health leaders have long understood the power of prevention to reduce the risk of chronic diseases, including those linked to exposure to chemicals. We know there are billions of pounds of chemicals used in common products sitting on retail shelves in every town in America today.

How to Write a Better Letter to Congress | Commentary

Last year, I was giving a speech to an association about how Congress works and was asked, “What’s the biggest obstacle to improving the democratic dialog in America?” I replied, “Bad writing.”

Dodd-Frank at 5: Where’s the Love? | Commentary

By Jim Kessler and Emily Liner

Regulatory Reform Bill Could Be a Lifeline for Small Businesses | Commentary

Small-business owners tend to work longer hours each week than most workers. For instance, according to Gallup, a significant percentage of small-business owners work every day of the week. That’s because it’s not easy to run a successful business, especially one that is just starting up.

Who Should Be the Next Librarian of Congress? Wrong Question! | Commentary

With the news that James H. Billington, the librarian of Congress, is retiring, there has been considerable discussion about who should be his successor — such as on the editorial page of The New York Times and at last month’s Annual Conference of the American Library Association in San Francisco. This particular question must be answered, of course, but we need to think bigger picture than that.

Game Change for Accreditation? | Commentary

By Judith S. Eaton

Congress Must Clear the Bureaucratic Underbrush on the Journey to Life-Saving Genomic Medicine | Commentary

Fifteen years ago this week, two rival teams of scientists unveiled the sequencing of the human genome, the genetic map that details the DNA code that defines every human being.

Right-Wing Extremism Cannot Be Ignored | Commentary

Despite common misperceptions, domestic terrorism, usually in the form of right-wing anti-government extremism, is a major source of violence in America. The death of four Marines in Chattanooga, Tenn., is a tragic reminder that extremist violence comes in all shapes and sizes and often comes from places we’re least suspecting. Sadly, we were also reminded of this fact last month, when a gunman entered the historic African-American church in South Carolina and killed nine people. Make no mistake, Dylann Roof is a terrorist. He committed these heinous acts of violence out of hate, to incite fear and deepen the divisions that still linger from a long and painful history in the U.S. However, what is not clear is how our nation will act to prevent these senseless acts of terror from happening in the future.

House Bill Would Provide National Solution for GMO Labeling | Commentary

By Charles F. Conner

An Inclusive America Should Mean Inclusive National Parks | Commentary

By Nidhi Thakar

U.S. Must Fight Oil Corruption Abroad by Finishing the Job at Home | Commentary

By Raymond C. Offenheiser

Campaign Finance Reform Is Good for Businesses | Commentary

There are members of Congress who believe money doesn’t influence their votes — which to me, sounds like Stockholm syndrome. Our politicians have become so enamored with their campaign cash, they have stopped understanding how the money has taken them hostage. They no longer see the reality of their situation.

A Sensible Long-Term Fix for the Highway Trust Fund | Commentary

Every day, American families get in their vehicles and drive. Whether it’s dropping the kids off at school, commuting to work or going to the supermarket, we rely on our highways, bridges and roads to get us where we need to go.

National Labor Relations Act at 80: Continuing the Fight to Protect Workers' Rights | Commentary

In 1935, in the midst of the Great Depression and at a time of instability and uncertainty for families across the country, our nation recognized the need to protect the rights of workers to improve their pay and working conditions through collective bargaining. That’s why Congress passed a law called the National Labor Relations Act.

Comprehensive Energy Legislation Priorities | Commentary

By Jack Gerard

Congress Must Fully Fund the Space Launch System | Commentary

They say politics stops at the water’s edge — and as former leaders of NASA under Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, we can tell you it definitely stops at the atmosphere’s edge. America’s determination to continue to lead in space is one of our truly bipartisan national priorities, underscored by the sustained and shared commitment across administrations and Congress to deep-space discovery and exploration and the world’s first human landing on Mars. And as the annual appropriations bills wind their way through the House and Senate, leaders of both parties must join together to continue this commitment — and fully fund the innovative new technologies these challenging new missions will require.




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