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Guest Observer Archive

It’s Time for Better House Rules | Commentary

By Andrew Douglas and Rob Richie

Proposed Regulations Could Hurt Students and Put Strain on Colleges | Commentary

By Linda S. Williams The U.S. Department of Education recently released a proposed rule that turns back the clock on the disbursement of federal financial aid refunds to students to a time when the process was slow, costly, vulnerable to fraud and burdensome. Schools, students and financial aid administrators across the country have urged the department to fix the rule. Congress should do the same.

Rigorous Science Must Decide Dietary Guidelines to Combat Health Epidemic | Commentary

By Cheryl Achterberg

It's Time for Fair Treatment of Our Community Organizations | Commentary

In these times of fierce partisanship, it is rare to find an issue on which two leaders from very different sides of the political spectrum can see eye to eye. However, on the issue of the Gift Tax, we agree the IRS is threatening the very foundation of our country and the great charitable organizations that serve as our foundation. It is because of this issue that we are deeply concerned for the future of our nation and the health of our communities.

A 21st Century Lifeline to Opportunity | Commentary

The Internet has become the nation’s — and indeed the world’s — most important communications and commercial hub. Getting more Americans online is a national priority that policymakers in Washington could soon achieve.

Health Disparities and Psoriasis: What it Means for Patients, Cost and Care | Commentary

By Randy Beranek

Forest Products Week: Opportunity for Progress | Commentary

This week is National Forest Products Week, a good time to recognize the employees and industries who manufacture and distribute forest products. As forest fires raged across the West this summer, devastating communities and destroying homes, national attention was brought to the importance of fire preparedness, as well as fire prevention forest management. The forest products industry plays a role in this area.

Wrong Turn on Path to a Sound Energy, Tax Policy | Commentary

By Pete Sepp

Memo to GOP: Curb Immigration or Quit | Commentary

America is about to break every known immigration record. And yet you are unlikely to hear a word about it.

Momentum on Spectrum Legislation is Encouraging | Commentary

By Christopher D. Coursen

Early Childhood Experiences Support a Healthier Bottom Line for Nation's Employers | Commentary

As the president of a foundation and a former CEO, we offer yet another reason why members of Congress and policymakers nationwide should recognize the wisdom of expanding preschool programs: Based on clear research, we know that quality early learning today could lead to lower health care costs in the years to come.

Climate Action Is Solution to Slowing Superstorms | Commentary

New Yorkers will need to get used to storms like Superstorm Sandy, according to a study published recently by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Instead of every 500 years, scientists from the PNAS anticipate these storms will occur every 24 years now that flood heights are up 4 feet from several centuries ago.

Patient-Centeredness, Comparative Effectiveness, and Value | Commentary

By Tony Coelho

Americans Pay a High Price for Judicial Obstruction | Commentary

By Anisha Singh and Pete Haviland-Eduah

Renewing Our Commitment to US History and Civics | Commentary

By Alan D. Solomont and Peter Levine

Hey Congress! Like Music? Let’s Pay Creators | Commentary

By Daryl P. Friedman

A 'Cadillac' Tax That Looks Like a Lemon | Commentary

By James A. Klein and Terry O’Sullivan

Why Coming Out Still Matters: Gay Staffer Reflects on 10 Years of Changes | Commentary

“Mom, I’m gay.”

Saudi-U.S. Relationship Is Indispensable for American Interests | Commentary

With growing turmoil in the Middle East, including Russian involvement in Syria, the United States needs to reinvigorate its longest-standing relationship in the region: our partnership with Saudi Arabia.

Shrinking Pool of Pediatric Rheumatologists Threatens Care for Kids | Commentary

By E. William St. Clair, Ann M. Palmer and Randy Beranek




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