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Guest Observer Archive

Political Reform Is Critical as Ukraine, Georgia Face Russian Offensive | Commentary

Recent news accounts have sounded the alarm: If the United States and Europe falter in their support for Ukraine and Georgia, Russia is poised to fill the gap — not just with military aggression in Eastern Ukraine, but with strong economic and political offensives. Reportedly, some political elements in Georgia as well as Ukraine are displaying openness to such efforts.

Medicare and Medicaid: Achieving Health Equity In America | Commentary

Fifty years ago, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Medicare and Medicaid programs into law, bridging the health insurance gap faced by many older and low-income Americans struggling to afford coverage. For African-Americans, a population that has historically suffered disproportionately from adverse health conditions, these programs have been vital in expanding access to care.

Afterschool Programs Can Help Close the Achievement Gap | Commentary

By Jodi Grant

Saving Lives in the 21st Century and Beyond | Commentary

By Mary Woolley

For Israel’s Sake, Don’t Reject the Iran Agreement | Commentary

By Amram Mitzna

After the Nuclear Agreement, a Ticking Clock | Commentary

By Alireza Jafarzadeh

Climate Change Is Not a Partisan Issue | Commentary

The scientific consensus on climate change is overwhelming, with human activity identified as the most significant cause. Using data from around the globe, experts have confirmed 2014 was the warmest year on record, with severe weather events also on the rise. And more than 80 percent of Americans want Congress to take action to address climate change.

A New Vision for an Old Relationship | Commentary

Throughout the first 15 years of this century, the United States has experienced seismic changes to our place in the world — some good, some concerning. While some Americans feel as though our position of global leadership is slipping, others see new opportunities for engagement and diplomacy which are becoming more evident with the shifting dynamics of a more multipolar world.

Sentencing a Child to Life in Prison Is Taking Away a Life | Commentary

In the afterglow of our nation’s renewed bipartisan commitment to rethinking our justice and prison system, the U.S. remains the only country that sentences our children to life in prison without parole, effectively extinguishing their lives. In the United States, where we describe ourselves as the greatest nation in the world, this is just one of the many concerns that have remained primarily outside the spotlight with regard to children in our justice system.

Big Stakes for Small Exporters in Ex-Im Standoff | Commentary

In his impassioned push to save a trusted institution that has helped Americans do business overseas for generations, President Barack Obama met with a group of small-business exporters last week to highlight differences the Export-Import Bank of the United States has made in their global expansion plans.

Americans Face an Irreversible Rollback in Chemical Safety | Commentary

By Linda Reinstein

The Real Republican Message to Latinos | Commentary

When it comes to immigration, the Republican presidential field has a secret. While Donald Trump stole headlines with his inflammatory comments on undocumented immigrants (accusing them of “bringing crime” and of being “rapists”), the uncomfortable truth — when you put aside rhetoric and look at policy — is that virtually every single one of the Republican candidates for president shares Trump’s unyielding opposition to comprehensive immigration reform.

Retirement in America: Navigating the Perfect Storm | Commentary

When it comes to retirement in America, we’re sailing directly into a perfect storm.

Motorcyclists Oppose EPA’s Proposed Renewable Volume Obligations | Commentary

By Wayne Allard

Congressional Budget Process Is Broken, Drastic Makeover Needed | Commentary

The congressional budget process is broken and needs drastic reconstruction. In nearly half of the past two decades, a staggering nine years, Congress failed to pass a budget agreement — the essential step in following its own rules for budget decision-making. Instead, the federal government lurched from one budget crisis to another with bizarre ad hoc procedures — government shutdowns, sequestration, the fiscal cliff and a supercommittee — and funded the government through continuing resolutions and massive omnibus appropriations bills.

Advocating for a Strong Update to the Toxic Substances Control Act | Commentary

Recently, a CSX train car carrying hazardous chemicals derailed in East Tennessee, forcing thousands of people to evacuate. I watched on the news as brave first responders arrived and worked ceaselessly, putting the health and safety of the population first and foremost. For me, it put in high relief our country’s need to get serious about regulating and removing toxic chemicals from our everyday lives.

Mr. President and Congress: Do Not Undermine Efforts to Combat Human Trafficking

By J. Herbert Nelson

Are Senators Blind to Disabled Workers? | Commentary

By Dewana Samuel

When Congress Shouldn’t Act: Let States Advance Economic Growth and Protect Consumers

By J. Gary Pretlow

Solving the Sanctuary Cities Problem | Commentary

Dangerous policies have deadly consequences. We were reminded of this recently when a young woman in San Francisco, Kathryn Steinle, was tragically murdered by an illegal immigrant. Every person who has weighed in on the recent killing of Steinle has described her death as tragic. And avoidable. Unfortunately, that is where agreement ends.




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