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Guest Observer Archive

True Cybersecurity Requires Accountability

By Rep. Frank D. Lucas

An “All of the Above” Approach to Rural Broadband

By Rep. John Shimkus

Connected Vehicle Technology Must Lead to Safer, Less Congested Roads

By Rep. Daniel Lipinski

Safe Harbor 2.0

By Rep. Anna G. Eshoo

U.S. Citizenship Should Not Be for Sale | Commentary

By Sen. Dianne Feinstein

Asbestos Scare in Cannon Is a Reminder of Congress’ Failure to Act | Commentary

By Linda Reinstein

How Tax Reform Affects Small Business | Commentary

By Dean Zerbe

It’s Time to Erase the Legacy of Jesse Helms in Women’s Health Care | Commentary

By Brian Dixon

Wildfire Isn’t Just a Public Lands Issue | Commentary

By Tom Martin

Access to Data Must Be Governed by Modern Law — Why Congress Must Act

By Karen S. Evans

Copyright Process Locks Up Cars, Cellphones and Medical Devices

By Sherwin Siy

Theodore Roosevelt’s Spirit Lives as U.S. Commemorates His 157th Birthday

By Mike Matz

Songwriters’ Losing Out in the Music Streaming Gap | Commentary

By Clara Kim

Climate Change Deniers Face Growing Rift in GOP | Commentary

Now that the Environmental Protection Agency’s historic Clean Power Plan has been finalized and officially printed in the Federal Register, big polluters and their allies in Congress are moving beyond their “sky is falling” campaign to active legal and legislative maneuvers to stall state implementation of the CPP.

Hill Staff Reveal Surprising Views on Social Media | Commentary

“Social media is the ultimate equalizer. It gives a voice and a platform to anyone willing to engage.” That statement by Internet entrepreneur Amy Jo Martin has profound implications in a democracy. Prior to the introduction of the Internet, the process of engaging elected officials was viewed as cumbersome and intimidating, perhaps only available to wealthy campaign donors. New research by the Congressional Management Foundation suggests that social media, “the ultimate equalizer,” perhaps has the potential to influence that dynamic even more.

Dwyane Wade’s Fight With His Medical Care Can Help Everybody Win | Commentary

By David Kendall and Jackie Stewart

End Impunity for Tax Slackers, Cheaters and Crooks | Commentary

The Congressional Budget Office just estimated that the federal budget deficit would reach $425 billion this year. That’s an additional $1,300 of debt for each American man, woman and child.

Corporate Welfare Rises from the Ashes | Commentary

By Christine Harbin

Congress Should Pressure States, Not DHS, on REAL ID | Commentary

The Department of Homeland Security recently announced which states would be granted an extension to comply with the REAL ID Act, a 2005 antiterrorism law aimed at improving the security of driver’s licenses.

Leadership Needed as U.S. Faces 5G Challenge | Commentary

The high-speed data connectivity of 3G networks launched the smartphone revolution, and the step up to 4G put an incredible wealth of high-bandwidth applications — from video and navigation to health tracking — into our hands. The United States has been at forefront of these developments, reaping enormous economic and social benefits.




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