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Let Consumers Help Repair the Auto Industry | Commentary

One hundred and seventeen — that is the most recent death toll figure from General Motors Co.’s faulty ignition switches. The figure represents a disturbing increase from GM’s original estimate of 13 deaths.

A Budget That Would Undermine and Reverse Progress on Health Care | Commentary

Anyone who looked closely at the fiscal 2016 Labor-HHS-Education budget that sailed through the House Appropriations Committee recently was in for a jolt. It may be impossible to overstate the many ways this legislation would take the country backward.

The Growing Case for Ending the Crude Oil Export Ban | Commentary

The advantages of lifting the ban on crude oil exports are not just theoretical talking points discussed in the halls of Congress, but rather supported by a large and growing body of research by government agencies, academic institutions and think tanks across the political spectrum. The latest is a study released by the Harvard Business School and the Boston Consulting Group. It highlights the obvious benefits lifting the ban will have on American families and businesses, our economy and global allies.

The Donald Trump Impact: Not so Inevitable After All

I was surprised by the near unanimity over the weekend about the impact of the Donald Trump comments about Mexican immigrants. Almost every disinterested political observer agreed Trump’s typically over-the-top remarks were certain to hurt GOP prospects in the 2016 presidential election.

When the Second Time Isn’t the Charm

I feel bad for Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee and Rick Perry. They are presidential retreads at a moment when anything that is more than an hour or two old is passé.

Act Now: Promote Long-Term Fiscal Transparency | Commentary

As more 2016 candidates announce their presidential bids, they’ll start discussing issues Americans care about the most. But there’s one issue where neither Democrats nor Republicans are telling the truth due to inaccurate financial reporting — our national debt.

Clean Water Is Good for Cows and Kids | Commentary

Fresh Vermont cream and milk make up more than half of a pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. So we’ve always worked hard to support safe and sustainable food production, family farms and rural communities. That’s why we’re so proud to support the Environmental Protecton Agency’s new Clean Water Rule. Clean water isn’t just nice, it’s a necessity.

Time for Congress to Focus Seriously on Transportation and Infrastructure | Commentary

In the 1950s, it was a Republican president, Dwight D. Eisenhower, who looked into the future and understood that if the United States was to continue to grow and modernize, it needed a strong federal transportation infrastructure. And under his watch he urged the states to work with the federal government to upgrade our roads and bridges, and overcome the “appalling inadequacies” of the nation’s highway network with a federal focus on building a national system of interstate highways.

Congress Can Stand With Veterans by Supporting the VA Accountability Act | Commentary

One year ago, the Obama White House issued a brief but illuminating report detailing why the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs was failing in its mission to provide timely care to patients.

How Citizens Can Influence Congress at Town Hall Meetings | Commentary

Now that summer is here, legislators are increasing their scheduling of town hall meetings back in their districts. Recently some myths have emerged about this time honored aspect of our democracy. Some groups are claiming (usually tied to a fundraising pitch), “Congress isn’t listening to citizens” and is holding fewer town hall meetings. This is false.

Congressional Inaction Leaves Military Installations, Communities Stuck at Crossroads | Commentary

Despite action on the National Defense Authorization Act, the threat of sequestration and military spending cuts remain. Missions are being scaled back, force numbers are declining, and communities, states and regions that have long-served as proud homes to our installations continue to take the economic hits.

Strengthen ESEA With Early Childhood Education | Commentary

As Congress debates the reauthorization of our nation’s most important education legislation, the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, I’m reminded of the true bipartisan effort Congress has displayed in the past few months. In its endeavors, one issue has particularly emerged as a priority for both Republicans and Democrats, despite major legislative battles and tough funding choices.

Saving America’s Last Great Wilderness | Commentary

When the Obama administration announced in January it would ask Congress to designate 12.28 million acres of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as wilderness, millions of Americans rejoiced at the prospect of saving one of our last great wild landscapes.

Why ‘Fast Track’ Was Defeated Once — and Why That Was the Right Decision | Commentary

With the effective defeat of the initial vote on the trade bill package, advocates of the trade agreement are making a herculean last gasp effort to get the bill passed on a re-vote. They are castigating opponents as Luddites who favor a new isolationism, diminishing the influence of the U.S. in the world. They claim the bill is a job creator. None of this is true.

Saving America's Last Great Wilderness | Commentary

When the Obama administration announced in January it would ask Congress to designate 12.28 million acres of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as wilderness, millions of Americans rejoiced at the prospect of saving one of our last great wild landscapes.

Manufacturers Head to the Hill to Outline Ozone Fears | Commentary

A growing regulatory burden is poised to make this a long summer for the nation’s manufacturers, so we kicked it off by recently bringing our concerns directly to our representatives in Washington.

The Twofold Solution to Protect Our National Forests and Communities | Commentary

Nearly 60 million acres of our national forests are at risk of increasingly destructive wildfires, and experts agree the situation is getting worse each year.

Honoring World War II Merchant Marine Veterans | Commentary

A small group of heroes is walking the halls of Congress this week, proudly sharing memories of the work they and friends long gone did more than 70 years ago to help the Allied forces win World War II.

Spike in West Africa Ebola Cases Shows Need to Address Underlying Health Care Needs | Commentary

On May 20, the World Health Organization reported a substantial increase in the weekly total of new Ebola cases in both Guinea and Sierra Leone and responded by deploying a response team. This comes in the shadow of the success in Liberia that was proclaimed to be Ebola-free in May, the result of a comprehensive response by President Barack Obama and his administration to invest in Liberia’s health care infrastructure. Although a lot of the attention to the U.S. response focused on the role of the American military, our response was actually much more thorough. The United States provided personal protective equipment, funded and trained medical workers, deployed laboratories, supported disease tracing and started a large-scale social messaging campaign to inform Liberians about practices to protect themselves from infection.




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