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Needed: U.S. Quarantine Policy Based on Facts Not Fear

The governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal, announced last week that people who have traveled to Liberia, Sierra Leone or Guinea in the past 21 days, regardless of any known exposure to anyone infected with Ebola, are not welcome in the state, lest they be confined to [their] room. This follows poorly thought out quarantines issued by Governors Andrew Cuomo of New York and Chris Christie of New Jersey. The shortsightedness of these policies is now getting the media attention it deserves. These policies, based on fear and politics and not science, reinforce the growing global perception that the U.S. approach to the Ebola crisis is full of contradiction and inconsistencies.

December Surprise? States May Change The Electoral College System Before 2016

Two years from now, we will have just elected a new president. We know the election date: Nov. 8, 2016. What we dont know is just how our votes will count. Under the Constitution, states decide how to allocate Electoral College votes and there are rumblings of change.

The President's Message for Myanmar | Commentary

President Barack Obama is in Asia for a week of summit politics. During this week of high-profile engagements, one small country will play an outsized role. This trip comes at an important moment for the U.S. relationship with Myanmar, formerly known as Burma.

Europe Needs Congress to Pay Greater Attention to Confusing State-Level Lobbying | Commentary

In Europe, America is viewed as the epicenter of global politics, which is why many nations strive to build with it special rapport. They frequently hire lobbyists who waste state lawmakers time, talking them into actions that send misleading foreign-policy signals overseas when it is Congress that actually answers for U.S. foreign policy. Thus, amid todays geopolitical crises, including Syria and Ukraine, Congress must pay greater attention to state-level lobbying to ensure that Americas foreign policy is seen as inviolable.

Low Hanging, Long Lasting Economic Fruit on America's Public Lands | Commentary

Whatever the next Congress brings us, lets hope it brings a fresh perspective on how to balance the management of our public lands, and a renewed push to actually get things done. The 113th Congress has had one of the worst records in history when it comes to protecting unique landscapes across the West, including stalling bills that would strengthen Arizonas economy.

The Case for Foreign Aid: There Is No 'Them' Only 'Us' | Commentary

With the advent of the few Ebola cases that have emerged in the U.S., Americans and the global community can and should turn their attention to the plight of fragile health care infrastructure in poor countries. This outbreak is a stark reminder that our own health and prosperity is directly linked to that of the developing world. Foreign aid is a catalyst for building healthier families and communities and in turn, helping our own.

A Clear Opportunity for America's Children | Commentary

As leaves turn and campaign season signals colorful change ahead, politicians at the local, state and national levels debate what works in education programs designed to improve academic outcomes for Americas children.

2014: Plenty of Surprises, but None Totally Unexpected

Yes, that was a wave. A big one. In many respects, it was a wave that was larger and more damaging to Democrats than in 2010.

A Rose by Any Other Name: It's Time to Bring Earmarks Back to Defense R&D | Commentary

In 2010, congressional Republicans campaigned in the midterm elections on a promise to end earmarks the direction of appropriated dollars to specific projects, typically in a lawmakers district. Proponents of the ban championed it as a step towards fiscal discipline. In reality, the ban has come at the expense of Americas small businesses and our national security, and it coincides with an historic period of legislative inertia. Its time to restore earmarks.

Changes Ahead With a Republican Senate and House | Commentary

In January of 2014, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., laid out his vision for putting the Senate back in order should he become majority leader: a robust committee process; an open debate process; an open amendment process; and using the clock to gain consensus. These are tried and true practices for moving legislation in the United States Senate.

Expanding Taiwan's International Participation | Commentary

The very important Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations deserve the full attention and active involvement of Congress. Trade agreements address a broad range of policy areas and have the potential to result in significant economic opportunities for U.S. businesses, so members of Congress must play a critically important role in the development and oversight of trade agreements. However, a regional free-trade agreement without Taiwan would be unthinkable, which would render the regional integration incomplete and ineffective to the disadvantage of American interest.

Healthy Public Lands Mean Healthy Economies | Commentary

As the owner of a successful outdoor business, one of many such businesses in this country, Ive become puzzled over how Congress debates public lands issues. Often the care for these resources is pitted up against strong economies and more jobs, implying support for one means denying the other. This is a false choice. Outdoor businesses show that healthy public lands create and sustain strong rural economies and viable jobs. As we pursue other economic activities like energy development on public lands we must make sure we balance those uses with the conservation of fish and wildlife habitat so that our outdoor economy will thrive.

Tax Reform Needed for a Stronger America

The United States is once again at war. As of Aug. 8, our military has been mounting drone and warplane attacks on the Islamic State terror group, also known as ISIL or ISIS. Support has been strong and bipartisan, but there is growing concern because the White House has not said how much this effort will cost, nor how it will be paid for. Surprisingly, tax reform could well provide the means to fund it.

More Choices and Flexibility for Cable Subscribers Means the Cable Revolution Can Be Televised

To their credit, both Time Warner and Viacom are listening to what many TV viewers have been asking rhetorically now for decades: Why should subscribers to cable, satellite and fiber-video programming services have to buy through tiers of unwanted cable and satellite TV channel packages in order to access the channels and services that they value and have the available time to watch and to use?

Republicans (Still) Poised to Pick Up 6 to 8 Senate Seats

Almost two months ago, on September 8th, I wrote that while the Rothenberg Political Report/Roll Call ratings projected Republican Senate gains in the five to eight seat range, I was expecting a substantial Republican Senate wave in November, with a net gain of at least seven seats.

LNG Exports Will Bring Environmental and Other Benefits | Commentary

A new wave of momentum is building behind expedited U.S. liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports as the European Union faces supply concerns heading into cold winter months.

Less Talk, More Action Needed to Protect America From Iran | Letter to the Editor

Until Iran stops dragging its feet on the P5+1 negotiations, the debate over Congresss role in suspending the current sanctions is a moot point (Congressional Hawks Weaken an Iran Nuclear Deal, Roll Call, Oct. 23). So far, Irans strategy of hiding behind diplomatic niceties while using the delay to enrich uranium at a breakneck pace to get ahead of any potential deal has been obvious. Independent experts estimate Iran already has 10 times the enriched uranium it would need to build a nuclear warhead, and has the centrifuge capacity to fuel a new bomb every 2 months.

Congress, FDA Must Put Patient Safety First in Biosimilar Approval Process | Commentary

Breakthrough medicines known as biologics are already benefitting millions of people in the United States and around the world. With the prospect of an emerging category of biologic drugs known as biosimilars, however, concerns about patient safety and the efficacy of biosimilars have been raised. Congressional and Food and Drug Administration oversight is critical to make sure patients will not be at risk.

A Lame Bill for a Lame Duck: Senate Eyes Sneaky Strategy for Internet Taxes | Commentary

As a general rule, the less you hear about a particular political strategy, the more you should worry about it. So its telling that an effort by the Senate to impose a radical new Internet sales tax regime during this years lame-duck session is being planned in secluded Capitol hallways, far from public scrutiny.

A GOP Agenda for Economic Growth | Commentary

As Election Day nears, polls consistently show that Americans are waking up to the realities of the past six years of President Barack Obamas failed leadership.




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