White House Has Doubts House Will Act on Border Crisis

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest pronounced himself a cynic when it comes to chances the House will act to pass an emergency border supplemental before going home for the August recess. Earnest said Friday that his "cynicism" is due to Speaker John A. Boehner's comments Thursday that he was still talking about it with his members, suggesting the GOP is still arguing amongst itself about what to do. "If there are additional proposals that Congress will actually act on, we're certainly willing to have conversations with them about what they're willing to do," Earnest said. "But again, all we're hearing from the speaker of the House is talk that's not backed up by any action." Earnest also said confirmed the White House is looking at creating a refugee program in Central American countries that would give some children a legal way to come to the United States. Earnest said he's less cynical about chances for a highway patch getting cleared, and noted the administration would also like to see a VA bill reach the president's desk.