What Not to Do: Email Version

Per my colleague Warren Rojas' post in today's Heard on the Hill, here's an example of

, here's an example of what not to do from your official email account:

what not to do

Who says bipartisanship is dead? A House Republican staffer recently gave helping a left-leaning pal the old college try, blasting out the following SOS on a congressional email group: To: Tour Coordinators Subject: Hot D Intern Prospect One of my friends from college, just graduated and is trying to intern on the Hill this summer. She is a smoke show from FSU, but she happens to be a Dem so I’m having trouble finding her a spot. She’s a smart girl and has worked for FEMA. She’s real cool and gets along with everyone. If one your interns falls through or you can squeeze another in, give her a shot. Florida ties, from Tampa. For those not conversant in millennial speak, “smoke show” is shorthand for a very attractive young woman.

If you want to take creative license to help your colleague find a job, do it from your personal email account. Or let the résumé speak for itself. #rookiemistake.

Bonus points for including the local/hometown connection though.