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Weprin Goes on TV as NY Race Moves to Leans Democratic

Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call
David Weprin announced a $260,000 TV ad buy in his special election race in New York's 9th district.

It is unclear how the endorsement from Hikind, an influential Orthodox Jew who represents a swath of Brooklyn that only includes a bit of the 9th district, might effect the race. Weprin is also an Orthodox Jew.

“David Weprin, there’s nothing I want to say that’s negative about him,” Hikind said, calling him a “nice guy.”

But Hikind, who endorsed Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) in the 2008 presidential election but said he supports his party’s candidates 95 percent of the time, later asked rhetorically: “Why do we automatically have to support [a] person just because they are a Democrat? I mean, if Mickey Mouse was on the line, do we automatically support him because he is the big D?

“David is a nice guy,” Hikind said. “He’s a nice guy, period.”

Discussing the issues of the campaign, Hikind took an unusual line for a Democrat. “I resent the scare tactics of my party when it comes to Social Security and Medicare,” he said, noting he got “three pieces of literature” at his house recently.

In the New York City district, where ad buys are extremely expensive, direct mail appears to have been used extensively by both campaigns until Weprin’s ad buy this week.

Weprin insiders noted the geography of Hikind’s district versus the 9th.

“Dov Hikind represents a miniscule portion of voters in our district,” said a source close to Weprin.

Watch Weprin's ad:

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