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Website Seeks Robocall Revenge

Dakin has also worked with the office of Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) to introduce the Robocall Privacy Act, a perennial bill designed to set some limits on political robocalls. It has yet to pass, and Dakin isn’t holding his breath.

“Politicians just want no shackles when it comes to winning campaigns,” he said.

Congress and the courts are unlikely to impose any restrictions either, given the value they place on free political speech. And though there’s little evidence that robocalls have any effect on voters, they remain a cheap and popular tool in elections — one that is likely to be used in many battleground states in the next year.

But this time, it won’t just be the politicians recording them. As Titus put it, “I figure since they like robocalls so much, they wouldn’t mind getting one from me.”

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