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Warren Presents Herself to Labor Activists as Fighting for Middle Class

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The optics of the event made local unions' likely choice of primary candidates clear. While declared Senate hopefuls Newton Mayor Setti Warren, CityYear co-founder Alan Khazei and activist Bob Massie attempted to work the periphery of the large ballroom, Warren the keynote speaker of the event sat on the stage next to Boston Mayor Tom Menino (D).

Menino and Warren chatted amicably on dais in the minutes before the event began, but he appeared to be a long way from endorsing Warren's candidacy.

Menino told the Boston Globe last week he understands Brown's appeal to voters. And as for Warren, it sounded like he still had his doubts.

"You know, the media can't make you," Menino told the Globe. "You have to be saleable. Do I know she can be saleable? I don't know that."

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