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U.S. and Others Must Address Unresolved Conflict and Unmet Demands in International Law | Commentary

This unresolved conflict is not only a threat to the peace and security of all of Eurasia, it also presents a substantial opportunity for the region and its future, especially for Armenia itself. Consider how many joint projects and common initiatives were sacrificed because of a clearly unsustainable desire to control a neighboring country’s ethnically cleansed and currently uninhabited territories. This is even more unfortunate since Armenia is undergoing a demographic crisis — a significant reduction in population, particularly among the better educated and more affluent — another consequence of its self-imposed isolation as a result of occupying Azerbaijani lands.

Our region can do much better than this, and all of us in the Caucasus can live prosperously in peace with each other. The two decades of impasse on the settlement against the background of Azerbaijan’s development, close and mutually beneficial integration with Georgia and Turkey and success of major regional projects illustrates the chances missed and highlights the promise yet to be fulfilled. And, of course, implementing those resolutions, even if belatedly, would set a good precedent of respect for international law in our region.

H.E. Elin Suleymanov is the ambassador of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the U.S.

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