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Udall Vows to Monitor Filibuster Deal's Success

In another sign that using such a maneuver would set off a procedural war, former Senate Parliamentarian Alan S. Frumin reiterated Thursday that it was the position of his office until he retired that the Senate was a continuing body and there was no special reason why a simple-majority rules change could occur at the start of a new Congress.

Frumin cautioned Thursday against a move to ďbring down the nuclear hammer.Ē Frumin, who served as parliamentarian under both Democrats and Republicans, also warned the GOP against causing so many blockades that Reid feels he has no option but to change the chamberís rules. Frumin said the GOP may regret causing Reid so much frustration because once the rules are changed, the bell cannot be unrung.

Frumin participated in a panel discussion that followed Udallís speech at the Bipartisan Policy Center.

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