Heard on the Hill

Their Way of Sticking It to the Man

While stopping to fill up the old family truckster this morning, we at HOH stumbled upon this tiny piece of guerrilla activism:

Defeat Obama sticker

(Warren Rojas/CQ Roll Call)

Mind you, gas prices have mercifully dipped a few pennies during the past week ($3.99 for regular!?!? Let’s bathe in the stuff!). But it's always interesting to view a fed-up suburbanite sticking it to the man — or, in this case, sticking images of the man all around town.

So what up with the subversive Founders Keeper?

First off, we should state that while we might admire the whole call to arms thing, the sticker is misleading.

The partial quote was carved out of this Jan. 17, 2008, interview then-candidate Barack Obama gave to the editorial board of the San Francisco Chronicle: